Three Enniskillen men are taking sports and football fans on a trip down memory lane with their new podcast, ‘Jumpers For Goalposts’.

The retro football podcast – which looks at games from the 90s and 00s – is the brainchild of Steven Hogan-McIntyre, ably assisted by Daniel McIntyre and Conor Elliott as they bring fans on a nostalgic trip to different weeks of different seasons, reminiscing and analysing some memorable and sometimes outrageous incidents.

The first episode was released last week and looked at the last weekend of the 99/00 Premier League. The analysis is well broken up with quizzes, transfer news from the time and even a bedtime story for Steve Bruce.

An enjoyable, easy listen

In some ways, it is reminiscent of Shooting Stars, the hit quiz show from the 1990s, and is an enjoyable, easy listen for football fans who have maybe forgotten about that period of time in football, and gives themselves a chance to learn about some of the more obscure events back then.

“Steven got in touch with myself and Conor I would say about four months ago now,” explained Daniel.

“And it kind of just started off from last year when Sky and YouTube, and all the various sports stations, were running all the nostalgic cup finals and World Cups and Euro Championships.

“We’ve always had an interest in that time and it just went on from there, and we actually have the time now to do this as well.”

Steven hosts the show and Daniel brings the knowledge, while Conor ‘Mush the Match Man’ adds a bit of comedy to his segments.

“It’s just very nostalgic and based on something we love and we feel there is a place for this type of thing at the moment.

“Every week, we take a look at a specific weekend of 90s and 00s football and discuss around that weekend and that particular season. We wanted to literally go back in time.”

Daniel feels than every fan, no matter what club, can look back at that time with interest at how successful they were or some standout players.


And while researching for the podcast, Daniel enjoyed looking back as an adult rather than a young man.

“Re-educating myself as an adult football fan rather than a teenager, you have a greater understanding and respect for those footballers.

“We go back looking at managers, club owners, the clubs, how everything was done, and the achievements by smaller clubs, which we appreciate a lot more because back then we were just fully focused on the team we support, and we consciously get away from the team we support ourselves because we all support the same club.”

With Steven currently living in Edinburgh, and Daniel and Conor in Enniskillen, the podcast is done over Zoom online meetings and takes about three hours to record before Steven edits it. Despite it being a long process, it has been a very enjoyable one for the boys.

So, what about the name?

“The name wasn’t our first-choice name; then we changed it. We had the tagline of ‘nostalgic football 90s and 00s podcast’ and thought so what can we tie it around?” said Daniel.

“It was staring right at us really we have all took jumpers off and dumped them in a car park or field or the back garden and had a game no matter what the weather.”

Jumpers for Goalposts is available to listen on Apple and Spotify. You can get in touch with the lads at Twitter (@jumpersforgoal4); Facebook (Jumpers for Goalposts); on Instagram (@j4g_pod); and at Gmail (

Their second episode, “How did Big Sam sign him?”, airs on Friday, January 29.