Keith Farmer will contest the 2021 Pirelli National Superstock Championship after securing a late deal to ride a Kawasaki with Platform Hire Ltd.

The Clogher rider was in danger of missing out on a seat for the upcoming season after his initial deal with Morello Racing fell through, but a new team owner has thrown him a lifeline, and Farmer is determined to make the most of the opportunity and mount a competitive fight for a fifth British title.

“My aim is to fight for title number five,” he declared.

“It is a relief to have someone to come in and save the day, and put me on a seat that is going to be competitive and do anything to help me fight for the championship. It is their first season as a team as well so it would be nice to be fighting for the title all year.”

Having contested the Superbike series in 2019, Farmer was left searching in the Supersport category for a competitive ride this season that would offer him the chance of a third title in the 1000cc category.

He struck a deal with Morello Racing before financial problems led to the team’s backer pulling the plug on the deal and leaving him scrambling for a seat for the season.

With the first race only months away, Platform Hire Ltd finally came through to provide him with a seat for 2021.

“It was half unexpected,” he admitted.

“When the deal with Morello fell through, the crew chief had briefly mentioned that there was maybe a fella who was interested, but the whole thing went quiet.

“I had been putting a lot of effort into running with Jackson Racing, who are quite well known in road racing, and my full effort had been on that.

“Everything was there and we were just trying to gather a few final quid to try and get the bills paid. We were still trying to find £25 grand which was to cover the tyres and fuel, but we had everything else covered.

“At the last minute, a week and a half before that deal was announced, this new deal came up. It took me by shock really. I went down to have a meeting and I don’t think he wanted me to leave without saying yes.”

Keith is delighted with the set up of the team, and believes the consistency that remains from Morello Racing will serve them well during the season.

“He has bought over the whole team but he is keeping all the men, and only the team owner is different,” he explained.

“He has ordered two new Kawasakis ZX 10 RRs and he is putting a full effort in. He has said that anything you want or need, just shout and we will try to put it on for you.

“Testing should be no issue and we will try to get as much time as possible. We have a cap on crash damage and after we reach the cap then I have to fund it, but its great to have a seat that will be competitive.”

Injuries have plagued Farmer’s recent spell in the Superbike class, but he is confident that he has put that behind him, and has been working hard to get himself in great shape for the start of the season.

“I have been running quite a bit and the legs are good and I have no issues with the shoulder,” he said.

“Sometimes I am aware of it but when I have been out on the motocross bike over this past couple of weeks I have never even so much as noticed it or been aware of it. Bike fitness is a big thing. I have been out on the motocross bike a few times already and you can train all winter but it doesn’t represent or copy what you do on a bike. Hopefully it will not be an issue,” commented Farmer.

The 11 round Championship season kicks off with Oulton Park on June 25-27.