Monday evening of week three in the Move4Health sponsored Solstice League was very much, will we - wont we, as the day had been a mixture of sunshine and torrential showers.

Nevertheless the weather held up and The Druids met The Picts with a triumph on the night for the latter by 31-21. The partnership of Michael Duffy/Simon McCormack took the first 9-4 but then Wendy Eaton and Sebastian Kalka took the second game 8-5 for The Druids.

In round two, Michael, now being partnered by sub Kathleen Maguire, put some distance between the two teams with a resounding 10-3 win before the job was completed with a 7-6 victory for Simon and Gavin Aiken who was subbing.

The Mayans, who were current league leaders, met second place The Aztecs on Tuesday evening. By the end of the night they were still league leaders with an overall point tally of 30 to 22.

Despite a narrow 7-6 first round win for David McDowell/Marc O’Connor, Dieter Andrich and Grace Whaley responded with the same scoreline for The Aztecs. With second round wins of 9-4 and 8-5 for the partnerships of Stephen Phair/Trevor Lucy and Alex Holden/Christelle Andrich respectively, the points and current league status was maintained.

On Wednesday, The Incas, playing only their second match in this tournament, met The Navajos who took a convincing first round lead with 8-5 wins from both pairings of David Lowe/Ryan Edgar and Andrew Surphlis/Deiter Andrich (sub).

In round two Ryan and sub Dieter took their match 8-5 with Paul Hynes and Mark Crozier having the only win on the night for The Incas, 7-6. Final points tally on the night was 30-22 for The Navajos.

The top two scoring teams will meet in a grand final on June 15, with the presentations taking place on Summer Solstice day June 21 which will also feature a night of tennis and celebration as Irvinestown Lawn Tennis Club commemorates 30 years since its inception.