Fermanagh Motorcycle club held its first race on Sunday June 6, 2021 since lockdown. It was great to see some racing back in action again.

Riders were very excited to get back into some form of competitive off roading again after been out of action for a long time.

Set in the grounds of the beautiful Necarne estate in Irvinestown Co Fermanagh, approximately 130 riders took to the off road track, with some forest, grassy areas, climbs and the adventurous river crossings, design specifically for the race.

The Ideal spot for outdoor activities, the Necarne lends itself well to off roading but also as a perfect destination in Fermanagh to visit.

We are very thankful to Castle Irvine's Estate, to allow us the privilege to ride on the manicured grounds, in which the workers spent lots of time and energy into helping us make this event what it was - the perfect race!

The Sun shone and 18 degrees Celsius beat down on the riders, who travelled from near and far to enjoy a two hour race.

The race, like all events could not run with out the time, effort of all officials, members of the Club, Lakeland cycle club and Many others, they know who they are.

A big thank you to all.



1. Barry Donaghy

2. Reece Gazzard

3. Harold Crawford


1. Graham Cooke

2. Reece moore

3. Johnny Cairns


1. Ian McMahon

2. Brian Dewart

3. Conor McCluskey