Leaving Brewster Park on Saturday evening there was an air of positivity around the events that had just ended.

For many, Fermanagh were never expected to win this game, it was more a matter of how they were going to lose it.

But the performance they put in showed there is plenty to be cheerful about as they look ahead to the Tailteann Cup.

The seven point winning margin was probably an unfair reflection (four or five points maybe) and even though the Fermanagh goals came late in the day, they were no less than they deserved.

If they had been more composed, especially in the first half, those goals would have come a lot earlier and could have given the game a different complexion.

But the game is done and there is no point looking back at the what-ifs.

Let's look at the positives.

For the first 35 minutes of the game Fermanagh were the better side.

Johnny Cassidy put Darren McCurry on the back foot on plenty of occasions. Luke Flanagan shackled Darragh Canavan. James McMahon, Decky McCusker and Aidan Breen were full of purpose.

Championship debutante, Brandon Horan was holding his own against an All-Ireland winning midfield.

Ryan Lyons had Player of the Year Kieran McGeary on the back foot, while Darragh McGurn showed well.

But it was not enough and a failing of Fermanagh's for much of this season came back to haunt them.

They switched off, and Conor Meyler made them pay.

A more seasoned team may have pulled him down well before he got near the goal but it showed the ruthlessness of the top teams and how they can punish you even when not playing well.

It was a goal that eased the pressure on an underperforming Tyrone side and set them up to kick on in the second half.

Tyrone's high press in the second half caused Fermanagh huge problems getting out of defence and helped them kill the game.

In saying that, Fermanagh still carved out goal chances. McGurn blasted over after claiming a high ball. Cassidy drove from defence and his goalbound effort was cleared off the line. Josh Largo-Elis passed instead of going himself, although he did make up for it shortly after.

It has been a while since you could say Fermanagh created six goal chances in a game. But in a game against the All-Ireland champions?

It's a positive of Kieran Donnelly's management. The team are creating more, and ultimately are scoring more. 2-10 is still a good return in the Ulster Championship.

Last Saturday's game showed there is plenty to be hopeful with this side.

The young players held no fear, the older ones played with confidence.

It give hope going into the Tailteann Cup that there is a real chance of silverware.

Why wouldn't there be?

Fermanagh pushed Tyrone and outplayed Tyrone for periods of the game last weekend.

They should hold no fear for whatever is ahead in the coming months.