After the dramatic and heart-wrenching way Fermanagh Ladies lost out to Carlow in their Division Four league semi-final back in March, having their first competitive game back after it being an Ulster final it would be hard not to have some nerves going into it.

Fermanagh captain, Shannan McQuade, admitted the extended break did bring nerves into the game with Derry last Saturday, but she also stressed that this Fermanagh side was determined to learn from that Carlow game and make sure they were not on the end of a similar result for another game.

"I think we were probably a wee bit nervous having that eight-week break and coming into a competitive match especially when it is a final," said McQuade.

"The semi-final slipped away from us. We said we are not going to allow it to happen again.

"We were going to make every second of the match count and we did that right from the beginning."

That was clear to see from the very first whistle as the Fermanagh players went about their business with real intent and completely dominated proceedings against Derry.

When asked about the hurt felt after the Carlow game and the motivation it played in the performance put in by Fermanagh, McQuade continued: "We made it clear that we needed to put a stop on it and go on to the next step but not forget about the feeling after it.

"We talked briefly about and we worked on stuff through training but we have parked it but we will remember that feeling going into the All-Ireland series."

That Junior All-Ireland series gets underway in just under three weeks and Fermanagh will renew acquaintances with Derry in their opening game.

And McQuade believes the Ulster final victory will give her side plenty of belief and a psychological boost when the sides meet again: "We definitely went out to prove a point today. That we are ready for the All-Ireland series and now hopefully in three weeks we can put it up to Derry again."