Nuala Lilley from Nature’s Choice Health Shop is delighted to be the main sponsor of Enniskillen Running Club’s Spooktacular 5km run this year.

Nuala has run the event three times previously herself and regards the night to be a huge success for the local running club. “There’s something very special about The Spook Run”, Nuala says, “It’s the mix of running around the town, running in the dark, some participants in Hallowe’en fancy dress and families coming out to run together that makes this event so special. I’ve heard the Spook described as the run that starts and finishes outside a pub, and I guess that just adds to the whole social atmosphere afterwards.” Nuala gives the following nutritional advice in preparing for the Spooktacular.

1. Eat a large carbohydrate based meal after your last preparation run. You may include protein in this meal, but not at the expense of carbs.

2. Try to eat smaller meals more frequently during the days after your last run and leading up to the event. Include carbohydrates as much as possible in each meal.

3. Eat your last meal two and a half to three hours before the run, and again include complex carbs.

4. Eat only soft fruit and drink water in the two hours leading up to the run.

5. The most important meal is the recovery one after training, so enjoy the fare on offer at Pat’s Bar when you`ve completed your run!

Mark Hoy is from Enniskillen and is the town’s fastest runner. He is currently the Ulster Senior 800m champion for the second year in succession. Mark has won the Spooktacular 5km run three times and participating in an event in his home town has always been special to him. Mark is in recovery from injury at present so unfortunately is unable to run this year’s event but in recognition of his involvement with the event the running club has invited him to lead the run out on bike. So after a fashion he’ll still be hoping to be first home!

Mark gives the following training tips for those getting ready to run!

1. Sleep well for at least three nights leading up to the race (minimum nine hours): Sleep is when we recover most from training.

2. Stay well hydrated in the week before the race (2.5 litres daily). A 1 percent drop in hydration can lead to 10 percent dip in performance.

3. Don’t rest up too much in the week of the race: Continue to train easy to keep a good flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles. This keeps your legs fresh.

4. Recover well from training: There’s no point putting in all the hard work in training if you’re going to sit up late, eat poorly and exhaust yourself afterwards. This can lead to fatigue and possibly injury.

5. Set a target for the race, either a position or a time: Make it realistic and believe in yourself. Tell yourself regularly that you will achieve what you’ve set out to. Be confident, the only person who can affect your result is you!