The Western Indoor Bowling Association held the Wesley Phair Pairs in the Unionist Hall during the month of February.

The tournament was very well supported with 75 pairs taking part from the counties of Fermanagh, Tyrone and Monaghan. The Association is indebted to the continuing support from June (the late Wesley Phair’s wife) and his son Peter and not forgetting Home, Field & Stream who have again sponsored the prizes. Eight pairs battled it out on the final night with Ally/Davy Graham, Wellington beating Frank McGuirk/Paul Greenan, Ardaghey 6 – 5; Patricia/Karol Bradshaw, St. Joseph’s beating last year’s winners Robert Graham/Ivor Armstrong, Wellington 7 – 6, Niall Cox/Michael McGrade, St. Joseph’s beating James McCaffrey/Jude Morris, St. Michael’s 5 – 4 and Jean Parkinson/Jean Carson, Christchurch beating Mark/Robert Hamilton 9 – 1 in the first round.

Now at the semi-final stage, D Graham was all level after two ends played against K Bradshaw with one shot apiece and after the fourth end, Karol was narrowly in front 3 – 2. During the next three ends, Ally and Davy collected seven shots to win their place in the final, 9 – 3.

In the other semi final, with three ends played, the scoreline was all level at two shots each for Michael and Jean. After the fifth end, the score remained level at three apiece, in the next three ends Jean had picked up a single shot in each end to run out winners 6 – 3. The final was played over nine ends, in the first end Jean secured one shot but in the second and third ends, Davy had collected two shots each in both ends to lead 4 -1. In the fourth end, Jean picked up a single and in the fifth end she secures two shots to draw the game level at four apiece. However, in the sixth end, the two Jeans lost a three and in the seventh end were only able to secure a single shot therebu leaving the scoreline at 7 – 5 in favour of Ally and Davy. In the eight end, Davy picked up a single shot and in the ninth end with the ladies being 8 – 5 down it was an uphill struggle to secure three shots to level the game, the Graham brothers ran out clear winners of the Wesley Phair Pairs.

In summing up, Jean Parkinson secretary/zone convener thanked Blayney Cartwright, treasurer; Jean Carson, assistant secretary; Caroline Scott, umpire; Derek Gilliland and Harry Gawley for putting down the mats, the various men who lifted the mats and the bowlers who supported the tournament over the four nights.

Jean then asked Peter Phair to come forward to present the prizes to the finalists and the trophy to Ally and Davy Graham the winners.

Peter thanked Jean Parkinson for the running of the tournament and Paul Wilson of Home, Field & Stream for his continuing help. Peter also asked the bowlers and supporters in the Hall to remember Eric and Vera Hamilton in their prayers on the tragic loss of their son Nial.