The Fermanagh County Convention, which will be hosted by the Devenish St. Mary’s Garrison on Monday night (7.30pm), looks set to be a low key affair with no contests to take place in the election of the Management Committee.
One change though that will be required is that of Treasurer with Patricia Durnien stepping down from the position after four years and although he has not been nominated for the post, it is expected that the current Assistant Treasurer Sean Burns, will be the main contender for the post.
The post of Coaching Officer is one that is unfilled and has no nominees so that vacancy will also have to be filled.
Aside from this though it’s a case of as you were. 
Greg Kelly is set to enter his second year as Chairman while Phil Flanagan and Ferghal O’Connor will remain in the positions of Vice Chairman and Assistant Secretary respectively as the Management Committee will be returned with little in the way of change.
In his thorough report to Convention, Secretary Tom Boyle has stated that careful consideration needs to be given to possible changes at club level of U21 moving to U20 and U18 switching to U17.
“We need to be careful in our considerations in bringing forward change to the current age grades especially the critical years of 17 and 18 - for example if we change our club competitions from the current U18 to U17, then what becomes of the 18 year old who is not yet ready for adult football,” said Boyle.
He added: “This year also saw a substantial number of reserve competition games not played and it is important going forward that we review these competitions and bring forward proposals early in 2018.”
Boyle was critical of the condition of silverware that was presented for adult competitions.
“This issue was addressed a few years back and resulted in quite an amount of money being spent on our three most prestige cups. 
“It is therefore very disappointing to see the state in which some these have again become. The main abuse of cups again appears to relate to the day of a championship win and the immediate days afterwards - to put it in a nutshell ‘when celebrations are at a high, cups are forgotten about’. 
“It is the responsibility of us all to address this issue, senior county officials and club officials must become more involved in taking responsibility of the cups when they come into their care,” he commented.  
On the pitch, it was a disappointing year for Fermanagh senior footballers as they suffered relegation to Division Three and defeats to Monaghan in the Ulster Championship and Armagh in the All Ireland Qualifiers brought an early end to the season.
Manager Pete McGrath originally was re-appointed for the 2018 season but player discontentment led to a change of heart that saw him step down from the post.
Boyle thanked McGrath for his efforts over his four seasons in charge of the county.
“I thank Pete McGrath and his backroom team of Raymond Johnston, Brian Treacy, Leon Carters, Simon Bradley and Ferghal O’Connor for all their efforts over the past four years in which we achieved some excellent performances on the playing field, most notable promotion to NFL Division Two and an All Ireland Quarter Final appearance in 2015 and a fine performance against Mayo in the All Ireland Qualifiers in 2016. This year the panel suffered with the loss of players due to injury and emigration which had a major impact on the season. I wish Pete well in his new role as Louth team manager,” he said.
The Secretary also wished new manager Rory Gallagher and his backroom team success for the upcoming season.
“Rory Gallagher was recently appointed to the position of Fermanagh senior team manager and has held a number of trials to date. I wish Rory and his backroom team every success in 2018.”

Chairman - Greg Kelly (out-going)
Vice-Chairman - Phil Flanagan (out-going)
Assistant Secretary - Ferghal O’Connor (out-going)
Treasurer - Patricia Durnien (out-going)
Assistant Treasurer - Sean Burns (out-going)
Development Officer - Tiernach Mahon (out-going)
Coaching Officer - 
Officer Culture and Irish Language - Mary Sweeney (out-going)
PRO - Pauric McGurn (out-going)
Central Council - Peter Carty (out-going)
Ulster Council (2) - Brian Armitage (out-going), Jim Tummon (out-going)
Delegates to Congress(2) - Phil Flanagan, John McElroy
Delegates to Ulster Council (3) -