Two points on the board but plenty still to work on was Aidan Breen’s assessment of Fermanagh’s win over Wexford in their opening Division Three game last Sunday at Brewster Park.
Breen produced another hard working display from the half forward line and chipped in with Fermanagh’s final point but he knows that if they are to challenge at the top end of the table then they are going to have to raise their game.
“A win’s a win and I suppose the positive thing is that while we know we have plenty to learn and improve on but we have two points on the board, “ he said. 
“We made hard work of it, it was very tricky and we didn’t help ourselves either, we brought a lot of the problems we encountered on to ourselves so we know that we will have to lift it,” commented Breen.
In fairness, a heavy pitch made life difficult but Breen says that the execution of basic skills was not good enough from the home side.
“Conditions were heavy for both teams. We said after the Tyrone game that what let us down was taking the ball into the tackle and sloppy fist passing down to the feet and anything that broke down here was the same thing, sloppy fist passing. 
“On a good pitch you can’t get away with it and on a bad pitch you are crucifying yourself,” he added.
Fermanagh looked to be easing to the victory having pushed on into a nine point lead at one stage early in the second half but the sending off of Ryan Jones was a setback. Indeed, the Tempo Maguires man was disappointed that Fermanagh allowed their opponents Wexford to get back into contention.
“We lost Ryan who would be a big player for us but at the same time it was very disappointing that we let them back into it and they missed a couple of handy enough scores which would have put a lot of pressure on us at that stage.
“I didn’t think it was a case of Wexford stepped it up but more a case of us letting them back into it. I think though we showed good grit and determination to go on and win the game. 
“Look we have plenty to work on and we will hopefully rectify that next week.”
Breen feels that there is a strong enough squad  with the bench playing a role in getting them over the line on Sunday.
“There is a good squad there, young Conor McGee came on and did well. It was great to see Eamon back and Clucker came in and I thought he made a couple of vital interceptions and calmed the game down.
“It’s good to have these players available,” he stated.
And Breen says he is enjoying things under the management of new boss Rory Gallagher.
“It has been good. Rory is one of the best manager about, he is very knowledgeable of the game and he calls a spade a spade, if it is not good enough he will tell you,” commented the Maguires clubman.