Enniskillen Royal School face a tie against Cambridge House this weekend with a place in round four at stake in the Medallion Shield.

The Enniskillen school dispatched Rainey Endowed in the previous round and warmed up for the cup game against their Ballymena opponents with a 19-19 draw against Dungannon Royal School, but they will face a tougher task against Saturday’s opposition.

Enniskillen have not played Cambridge House yet this season and coach Josh Kennedy admits they are not familiar with their opponents, but he is still hopeful they can force their way into the next round.

“We don’t know a huge amount about them but we know they are going to be strong and they have only lost a couple of games this year,” he said.

“Other than that we know very little about them. I think that if we play well and stick to our plan and get our detail right, we should come back home with the right result.”

Josh and fellow coach Connor Keys came into the set up midway through the season, and they have been happy with the progress they have seen.

Josh is hopeful their improvement can continue with a win against Cambridge House.

“Results are starting to go our way as we have got more into it,” he said.

“The boys all seem to be looking forward to it. They have all worked really hard over Christmas and they just want to get out and play it. They have got to the stage that they have done all the training and it’s just a matter of going out and doing it. It has been four weeks since the last round and so we have had four weeks to purely focus on this game which has been good. We are all set. We have no injuries and everyone is back which is a good boost. It’s nice to have a full squad to pick from.”

A win would take them into round four, where the favourites will enter the competition.

Josh was a member of the last team Portora team to win a fourth round match and reach the quarter final, but the current side are taking on match at a time, and their coach believes they will be inspired by the occasion. “I’m sure there will be nerves but that is always part of it and they just have to get on with it,” he said.

“We have a big group of forwards which is good for putting us on the front foot, and we have some back who are very attacking minded which has been good, especially with the forward giving us the ball to allow the backs to do that. We are going there hopeful we can get a result.”