DYLAN Quinn Dance Theatre presents their highly acclaimed production Fulcrum at Espace Des Arts in Chalon-Sur-Saóne in France tomorrow night (Friday).

Created through collaboration between dancer/choreographer Dylan Quinn, dancer Jenny Ecke and composer/singer Andy Garbi, Fulcrum has been inspired by some of the themes and the context of Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Catastrophe’ and its relationship to Vaclav Havel.

Fulcrum was presented as part of the Happy Days International Festival in 2014 in Enniskillen and has successfully toured Ireland North and South since then. The company has been invited to present Fulcrum as part a Festival of Irish Contemporary Dance entitled 'Instances at Espace Des Arts'.

Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre (DQDT) is the only Northern Ireland company invited to perform.

The performance in Chalon dancer will involve a change in performers with Jenny Ecke being replaced by Argentinian dancer Jazmin Chiodi. Jazmin tours internationally with Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company and runs the annual Tipperary Dance Platform with Alexandra Iseli.

Fulcrum explores the complexity of dependency, control and shifting power balances in a macro context whilst also demonstrating how this affects the micro world we live in. It seeks to touch on the fragile balance of control as well as the insidious nature of power.

Physically and audibly, the piece focuses on honing and concentrating movement and sound to reflect the issues and context, whilst challenging the artists to be truthful and creative.