OUTSPOKEN comedian, Jake O'Kane, has a bone to pick with the people of Fermanagh!

His new show 'Gaggin' on it' -- a two hour show which includes a news review of 2015, has been a sell out success everywhere.

Everywhere that is, but here!

"Fermanagh is the last show to fill out," he tells the Impartial Reporter, "I know what you's are at -- you're all waiting for the ticket prices to drop! Meanwhile, Neil Delamere's gig in Enniskillen has of course has sold out. His show is only an hour long the cheap wee b*****d! I'm on stage for a full two hours!"

Hot on the heels of last year’s tour, 'Mouthful', Jake takes no prisoners in his new show, dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly of 2015.

Best known for the infamous ‘flegs’ piece on BBC’s The Blame Game, he comes to the Ardhowen Theatre on February 13.

"It's been a while since I have been in Enniskillen," he says, "I don't come every year in case you'd get sick of me!

"I always used to arrive so late to the Ardhowen gigs that I didn't realise for a long time that the theatre was surrounded by water!

"It is genuinely a lovely place -- it is God's country really isn't. Fermanagh is a beautiful spot.

"I used to do the pub scene about Enniskillen, long before the theatres ever came about.

"Obviously the theatres are different in the sense that people are coming specifically to see you. When you are doing the pubs you are just one name on the list for the night. But I have always been very fortunate in that I have never 'died' on stage. I'm quite a sensitive soul, I would have taken that kind of thing to heart!"

Coming from a family of farmers, O'Kane's career is comedy happened quite by accident.

"Back when comedy clubs were taking off in Belfast I decided to do an open spot in the Empire," he explains, "The next week a club opened up in North Belfast. Someone didn't show up so I was asked to compere. That was my second ever gig -- compering. I didn't even know what compering was but I was doing it."

Having honed his stand up skills since the early days, Jake says that nowadays, when it comes to comedy, everyone is fair game, especially the politicians.

"I'm fortunate enough in that I just don't give a dame -- I don't get much grief about 'taking sides', because I genuinely don't -- everyone gets a touch!.

"I always tell the audience: 'Listen, whatever sincere political beliefs you may have, leave them at the door or you are likely to be offended!

"For me, at it's best comedy should be able to hold a mirror up to society and make people laugh, and maybe sometimes change people's minds about something.

"I think as long as the target is right, and you are not just throwing cheap shots, then it's fine -- as long as it's funny!"

So what does he make of Fermanagh native, Arlene Foster as new First Minister?

"I think its one of the more positive moves, but I don't know how different it will make things.

"Arlene is one of those women I wouldn't fancy crossing swords with! I would take on any of the men in politics before I would ever take her on.

"She could freeze you from 40 feet with that stare of hers.

But if she can come through the ranks of the DUP I'm sure she will survive whatever challenges lie ahead for her."

And his tip for Sinn Fein's Phil Flanagan?

"Phil doesn't seem to like wearing ties very much, does he? What I would suggest is that he takes his off and sticks it in his mouth! I think that would be a very good move for Philip.

"He has an unbelievable ability for saying the complete wrong thing.

"Talk about putting your foot in it, he put's his foot in his mouth and then pulls the trigger.

"God love the child, he's not the sharpest tool in the box."