Actor and social media influencer Abigail Parkinson’s star is on the rise as she performs stand-up comedy live for the first time for a BBC Sounds and Radio Ulster show, and embarks on her first TV acting role on BBC's 'Hope Street' season three, which she is “over the moon” about.

Here the Kesh native speaks to The Impartial Reporter about her recent endeavours.

You recently took part in a stand-up comedy show for the BBC – how did you find performing comedy to a live audience for the first time?

I was absolutely terrified! It was the biggest leap I have ever taken out of my comfort zone.

I love being on stage, so strangely I wasn’t nervous for that part. The nerves were coming from knowing that people knew I had written my own material thinking that they would laugh.

I was just petrified that no one would laugh and just stare awkwardly. I was even more nervous as I had so many DMs [Direct Messages] about people saying that they had got tickets and couldn’t wait.

So I really felt the pressure as alongside that I had friends and family coming too.

It is always easier to be out of your comfort zone in front of strangers. However, once I was on stage, it was such an adrenaline [rush] to be able to do stand-up comedy with my friends and family able to see it all.

How did performing live differ from creating comedy videos for your social media pages?

Oh my goodness, it is night and day, completely different. I am very ‘on the spot’ with my online videos.

I film in real time with an idea of something that has just happened to me, or an idea I have just thought of. and just put it online with not much thought.

However, I had to draft a script for this and try to get a five- to seven-minute storyline while having a live audience interjecting and trying to guess where the laughs would be, to be sure to pause etc!

How would you describe your style of comedy?

It is always self-depreciating because it makes me laugh!

When will the show be broadcast?

The show will be on BBC Sounds and Radio Ulster at the end of summer.

I understand that you have secured your first TV acting role. How does acting for screen compare to acting on a stage? Which do you prefer?

I am over the moon as on-screen acting has always [been] and always will be my goal. It is such a thrill being on set.

I’ve had my hair dyed and stripped back of tan and nails to fit my role. But I am loving it all!

You have thousands of followers over your social media pages, and 2.2 million likes on TikTok. What does it mean to you to have this reach and support?

It is crazy to me when I do actually look at the stats but most of my friends have a lot more followers than I do, so to me I am nowhere near [as] ‘successful’ or at a position to be celebrating the position I am in.

However, I am very grateful to the audience I have, as it is such a kind, loyal and fun place to be at.

I work really hard at it and post normally five times a day on Tiktok. Social Media is a 24/7 job – it is very demanding to constantly be up with the trends.

What has been your highlight of the year so far?

Definitely telling my mum I booked my TV acting role.

What does the rest of 2023 hold for you in terms of your role as a social media influencer, actor and comedian?

I have lots of collaborations with social media coming up; however, my focus has always been acting, but it is very sporadic and you just have to keep the faith and believe roles and productions are coming your way.