US actress Julianne Moore has said upcoming TV series Mary And George will be “particularly” relatable for women.

In the historical drama, that is based on a true story, the 63-year-old Oscar-winning actress plays Mary Villiers, Countess of Buckingham, who guides her son George into seducing King James I, in order to achieve power and influence.

Moore, who has starred in films including Still Alice and Far From Heaven, said Mary’s ambition and quest to find agency is something “we can all relate to as people and particularly as female people”.

UK premiere of Mary and George – London
Tony Curran, Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine and Oliver Hermanu (Ian West/PA)

Speaking to the PA news agency on the red carpet of the series’ premiere, she said: “Mary Villiers, of course, was a real person.

“But this is definitely historical fiction.

“She was also expanded upon in this story.”

She added: “I think what was most compelling to me about Mary actually, is the time that she lived in and the position that she was in.

“She was somebody who had no agency, absolutely no autonomy.

“She had no power or purchase in life, except through the men that she was married to, or her male children.

“So, she’s driven by a need to survive and not just survive, but to thrive.

UK premiere of Mary and George – London
Nicholas Galitzine and Julianne Moore arrive for the UK premiere of Sky Original’s Mary and George at Banqueting House (Ian West/PA)

“So, her ambition, I think, is based on the fact that she doesn’t have anything of her own and it’s like, no one’s going to do it for her.

“So I thought that was really compelling.

“And it’s something that I think that we can all relate to as people and particularly as female people.”

Speaking about what it was like to work with Moore, director Oliver Hermanus told PA: “Julianne Moore came on board and here we are.

“(It was the) chance of a lifetime,” he added

“Just getting to see somebody like that do their job is extraordinary.

“And I’ve just learned so much from her.

“And she’s also the nicest person in the world, which makes it even better.”

UK premiere of Mary and George – London
Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine (Ian West/PA)

Speaking further on the true story that inspired the series, he said: “The fact that this is all real, is kind of mind boggling to me, the fact that that all sort of happened.

“I think I know so few people, especially British people, English people, who knew anything about this.”

In the series, Moore stars alongside British actor Nicholas Galitzine, who plays George, and Scottish actor Tony Curran, who plays King James.

George is thrust into the spotlight as his mother masterminds their pursuit of the King in order to gain power.

The programme is inspired by true events, and is based on the novel The King’s Assassin: The Fatal Affair of George Villiers and James I by Benjamin Woolley.

The limited series will launch on Sky Atlantic and streaming service Now on March 5.