"An Always and Forever Kind Of Love" is the new single from Thomas Maguire and Fhiona Ennis.

This new duet is an up-tempo original love song from the pen of Vic Holdroyd who also wrote the very popular "Hit Em' Where It Hurts" for Fhiona.

A DVD of the song has also been filmed in conjunction with the release of this new single and was recently aired on Hot Country Television.

Now with three albums under their belt, their recent album "Solid As A Rock" is still a hot favourite with radio presenters province wide and further afield.

Thomas, Fhiona and their band continue to tour extensively in Ireland and the UK and have recently added the well-respected musician John Taylor to their stage line up on piano/keyboards. With the addition of John comes the added benefit of his saxophone skills to compliment Fhiona's blowing talents.

October 19 seen Thomas, Fhiona and their band make their debut appearance on the "Glor Tire" series on TG4 Television with their contestant Jacqui Bannon from Enniskillen.

They have just returned from a short tour of Scotland which also took in the Orkney Islands, where they were presented with an award for the second year running for "Best Irish Country Band Of The Year" at the Northern Nashville Country Music Club in Thurso. Earlier this year Thomas and Fhiona were voted "Best Duet Of The Year" at the NICMA Awards and "Vocal Duo Of The Year" at The Hot Country Television Awards. They are currently working on their next album and have commenced filming for their very first DVD.