Shaggy-haired Nutini, dressed in a white shirt and black jeans, strutted onto the stage at the Odyssey Arena with swagger and charisma and as he picked up his guitar the crowd roared.

Or should that be, screamed. Apt, then, that the first track was Scream (Funk My Life Up) taken from his third studio album, the very brilliant Caustic Love.

And boy did we roar, delighted that the Scottish singer had made it here after he was forced to cancel a string of gigs in other parts of the UK due to suffering a bout of “severe tonsillitis”.

“It was touch and go” revealed Nutini, before dedicating Looking For Something to his mother “who nursed me back to health”, later telling the crowd: “Too much rest becomes a pain”.

Thanks to Mama Nutini “sweet mother of mine” the singer-songwriter had found his gravely, distinctive voice again as he performed hit after hit to a pleased, energised, mostly female crowd.

Joined by an impressive 10 piece brass band, Nutini offered up funky alternative versions to classics such as Jenny Don’t Be Hasty and New Shoes from his début album These Streets.

Mixed with his new, more soulful material, he delivered again and again before surprising all of us with a bouncy cover of MGMT’s Time To Pretend that had Belfast jumping.

Ever the expert in working the crowd, Nutini saved the very best to last with a stunning, stripped back version of Last Request that earned him a standing ovation from a delighted audience.

One man, one guitar, who left thousands of us wanting more. There really is no Better Man.