The first programme in a four-part series visits Monea and Tully Castles.

In the new four-part series, expert Dan Cruickshank takes viewers on a personal journey to explore some of Ulster's most remarkable buildings and discover what they tell us about our past.

Produced for BBC Northern Ireland by DoubleBand Films, it features four themed episodes, Forts and Castles, Country Houses, Sacred Spaces, and City of Industry.

In each episode Dan examines how a particular style and form of building evolved through the influence of invasion, wealth, religion, and industry.

In programme one, Forts and Castles, Dan considers how invasion and conflict shaped the landscape of Ulster up until the end of the 17th Century, while in programme two he explores the rise of the country house in 18th century Ulster.

Programme three sees Dan looking at how the history of Ulster has shaped our religious buildings. And in the final programme in the series, Dan examines how Belfast's development as an industrial city in the 19th century shaped its buildings.

Dan said: "The story of the buildings of Ulster is the story of the people who have lived on this land and left their mark on its history. And here history has left us with a remarkable legacy of buildings from ancient forts and mighty castles to prestigious public buildings and grand country houses.

"In this series I am going on a journey to examine some of the most remarkable examples of Ulster's architectural heritage, tell the stories of the people who created these buildings, and explore how they shaped this place and its remarkable landscape." Clare McParland, Producer of the series with DoubleBand Films added: "We were delighted to have Dan Cruickshank present our series which explores the fascinating stories that lie behind some of Ulster's finest historic buildings." Sean McGuire, Director of the series said: "This is a series that celebrates the rich architectural heritage that we have here in Ulster, and we hope that the programmes encourage viewers to visit these fascinating buildings that tell us so much about our history." Dan Cruickshank's Written in Stone is a DoubleBand Films production for BBC Northern Ireland with support from Northern Ireland Screen's Ulster Scots Broadcast Fund.

Dan Cruickshank's Written in Stone Begins on BBC One Northern Ireland, Sunday, February 24, 6.05pm