The Arts Council of Northern Ireland invites applications from Fermanagh artists for CORNERS, an international research and development opportunity which offers up to four Northern Ireland based artists, engaged in a range of disciplines, the opportunity to take part in a residency expedition to San Sebastian in the Basque Country this autumn from 6-18 October.

Noirin McKinney Director of Arts Development said "The objective of the CORNERS international residency is to develop proposals for international co-productions for European touring and presentation in 2014 onwards. The project aims to take artists out of their usual contexts, out of the culturally-busy centre of Europe and to intervene at its edges, its far corners, and to bring these experiences back to the rest of Europe's cultural landscape through new interdisciplinary work created with new partners. We particularly encourage emerging artists to consider submitting a Letter Expressing Interest." Over the last two years, the Arts Council has partnered with Intercult, an independent cultural, production and education organisation based in Stockholm, to build partnerships and develop projects that reach out to the European cultural scene.

In 2011-12, the project CORNERS held its first four artistic research Xpeditions to the north of Sweden, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, to Poland and Ukraine and to the Balkans. Three artists from Northern Ireland participated in these and are currently working with international partnerships ignited by the Xpeditions, full exhibition and production proposals at 'basecamps' in Belfast and elsewhere.

The Arts Council now wishes to develop this idea, and proposes participation in an Xpedition to the Basque Country. This Xpedition involves a journey to the edges of the European cultural space and consists of 22-30 artists travelling together for a period of 14-16 days. Participating artists will be able to indicate in advance any specific interests they have in participating in an expedition to the Basque country. Successful participants in Phase 1 of CORNERS will document their research trips and developed proposals for new works with their international colleagues. In addition, artists will be expected to participate in a Base Camp development programme for their work in Ume� in Sweden from 19 January-03 February 2014. Artists and international partners will be invited to present their co-production proposals to the Arts Council and relevant partner agencies and if successful will be invited to become part of Phase Two of the project and co-produce a new piece from 2014 onwards subject to funding being available.

Applications are now open for individual artists based in Northern Ireland to participate in what is Phase One of research and development with the aim of developing proposals for new international co-productions that may be realised in Phase Two. The deadline for applications is 4pm Tuesday, August 6, 2013. To find out more about this opportunity the application process please visit