THE new Protestant Coalition will stand for election, says Willie Frazer.

Mr Frazer, who is a member of Northern Ireland's latest political party, has declared the Coalition "will take on the DUP" -- days after saying the party would not.

He made his comments outside the Killyhevlin Hotel in Enniskillen, the venue for today's DUP spring conference, where he got into an argument with one of the party's supporters.

The loyalist campaigner, who said he was meeting family at the hotel and not protesting, argued with the DUP supporter over the party's decision to share government with Sinn Fein.

After DUP leader Peter Robinson remarked in his speech earlier today that the Coalition would not be standing for election, Mr Frazer said the party intended to "put an alternative there."

Speaking to, Mr Frazer said: "Oh yes, they will. Where there is an opening they will stand for election. That needs to be cleared up. We want the TUV, we want the PUP, we want unionist people to stand in those parties, we want them to come forward but where they don't do it we will stand."

"We are going to put an alternative there; we are saying to the TUV, the PUP, the Unionist Party, come up to the mark, start fighting your corner, start fighting the issues that we want addressed, start standing up for victims. If you do these things we will support you... if they are not doing that we will stand and we will take on the DUP or whoever is standing in that area," he said.

Listen to our interview with Willie Frazer below...