Mr. Joseph Crawford, Letterkeen, Kesh, a member of Enniskillen Motor Club with two of the trophies which he won at rallies during the year.

25 Years Ago - February 1, 1990: Lisbellaw Picks up the Pieces - The 500 lb. van bomb which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to private property in Lisbellaw on Saturday evening, has renewed calls from local residents for the R.U.C. Station to be permanently manned. Lisbellaw R.U.C. Station, the target for the bombers, sustained minimal damage but private homes and the Presbyterian Church nearby suffered the brunt of the blast damage. No-one was hurt in the blast but one woman was treated for shock. It was the first time Lisbellaw has suffered from bomb damage during the 20 years of the present “Troubles.” A look back in time recalls memories - A look back into time will have more relevance next week for a church congregation in Fermanagh than ever before. Two members of Lisbellaw Presbyterian Church had organised an exhibition next Monday and Tuesday evenings in Lisbellaw Recreation Hall, which looks back at life in the village during the 18th and 19th centuries. The event was to help defray the costs incurred by the congregation after purchasing the former telephone exchange for conversion into a church hall for their small congregation of 40 families. It was their most ambitious project for years. The £2 admission would boost their fund raising, yet give pleasure to those attending as they were given an impression of life in their village in their ancestors’ era. On Saturday evening, IRA bombers struck a devastating blow to the congregation’s modest plans. The van bomb outside Lisbellaw RUC Station caused more damage to the lovely stone-built Presbyterian Church nestling at the bottom end of the village and the adjoining renovated church hall, than to the police station targetted by the terrorists.

New band to make return visit - Up and coming new Fermanagh band The Divine Comedy made such an impression on their first visit to Belfast two weeks ago that they have been invited back. The Comedy, made up of Neil Hannon on guitar and vocals, John McCullagh on bass and vocals and Kevin Traynor on drums. played a lively set to a packed house at the Limelight Club in Ormeau Avenue. And the folk who run the Club were so impressed that they invited them to make a return visit wthinin the next few months. For the past year, the band, who hail from the Enniskillen area, have been rehearsing and writing their own material and their indie style vibes proved a big hit with the Belfast punters.

50 Years Ago - January 28, 1965: Churchill is Dead - “Shortly after eight a.m. this morning, Sunday, January 24th, Sir Winston Churchill died at his London home. Signed, Moran.” This was the bulletin issued by Sir Winston’s personal physician, Lord Moran, at 8.36 a.m. on Sunday morning, 10 days after cerebral thrombosis struck the 90-year-old statesman down following a cold. Across the world, news of Sir Winston’s death interrupted radio programmes, brought special editions of newspapers on to the streets and sent flags half-mast. Messages of mourning and praise, often quoting or echoing Churchillian phraseology, flowed into London from all five continents.

The Passing - When the soul quit the body of Sir Winston Churchill on Sunday morning, the ten people crowded in his room watched the little miracle familiar to anyone who has seen death. “The years,” said one of the ten, “fell away from his face, and he looked again the way he looked during the war.” For the State Funeral - In the R.U.C. contingent which will attend Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral will be Sergeant Andrew Trimble, formerly of the R.U.C. Depot, Enniskillen.

Personal - Lord and Lady Brookeborough have been invited to attend the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill at the service in St. Paul’s Cathedral, on Saturday next.

Fermanagh Hospitals’ Management - Mrs. P.M. Taylor, of Farhills, Derrychara, Enniskillen, has been elected Chairman of the new Fermanagh Hospital Management Committee, and Major William Wilson, M.B.E, Ferney, Ballinamallard, vice-Chairman.

Kesh Wants More Pigs - Over the past three months a complete clearance of pigs has been made at Kesh Weekly pig sales every Saturday. More are wanted.

MAP - Something Like A Party - In my notes last week about the Fermanagh Society (Belfast) dinner party, on Saturday 15th, I forgot to tell of the wonderful Christmas party 89-years-old Herbert Pierce had at his home in India Street. There were present not only his wife Emma, his son Edwin and five married daughters with their husbands, but also eighteen grandchildren - 31 all told! What chatter! What laughter!

Mr. John F. McCrea - The death took place on Sunday of a notable South Tyrone man, Mr. John F. McCrea, who for 47 years was Clerk of Clogher Rural Council and the old Clogher Board of Guardians. Mr. McCrea left Clogher in June last to reside with his son, Dr. Kenneth McCrea, at Upminster, Essex.

75 Years Ago - February 1, 1940: Late Mr. W.P. Maguire - Tribute by the Bar - A worthy tribute to the memory of Mr. Wm. P. Maguire, solicitor, who died in November last, was paid at the opening of Newtownbutler Quarter Sessions in Enniskillen on Monday. His Honour, Judge Green, K.C., said that before the commencement of the business of the Court he ought to say how deeply he regretted the death of Mr. Wm. P. Maguire who was a leading solicitor in this part of the world. During 30 years in which he had served as a County Court Judge no man had so completely or quickly gained his confidence, esteem and regard than Mr. Maguire. He was a man of great integrity.

A Gallant Family - MAP - The courageous action of Mr. William Pierce, of Enniskillen, in breaking the ice at Killyhevlin on 22nd ult., and wading up to his neck in icy cold water to save his dog, reminds me that he is a member of a very gallant and plucky family. I expect it will come as news to most people that the oldest 2nd Inniskilling in Enniskillen is Mr. Pierce’s cousin, Mr. Charlie Pierce, head of the well known building firm. This old warrior was born in Enniskillen in 1873, and enlisted in the Inniskillings in 1890, and served in all over 13 years.

Farewell, and a Welcome - MAP - We have some excellent women speakers in this district, one of whom is Mrs. Warnock, wife of Dr. Warnock, Trillick, who delivered a tip-top speech on making a presentation to the Rev. R.A. Robinson, curate, on Friday last. Mr. Robinson is succeeded by our old friend, the Rev. Chancellor Dagg, who, with Mrs. Dagg, will be now close to their daughter, Mrs. Heavener, the Rectory, Irvinestown, and their elder daughter, who is married to Mr. Arthur Coote, County Secretary, Omagh. The Chancellor left Fivemiletown after a very long service in the parish there. He succeeded the present Bishop, then Canon James MacManaway. When the Chancellor and his wife left Fivemiletown, they went south of the Border, but their sojourn there was not very long, and they are delighted to be north of the Border once again. Soldiers’ Comforts Fund - Inniskillings’ Thanks - From somewhere-in-France we have received an acknowledgement from the Battalion of the Inniskillings saying that ‘the men were so grateful, and did so appreciate the gifts. I hope that you will pass on this message from the Battalion to the donors.’