HAVING caught the bug for mind-reading and mentalism as a teenager, David Meade has been honing his act for nearly 20 years.
A familiar face on Northern Ireland’s TV screens thanks to his mind-blowing feats, Meade has also become one of Europe’s most sought-after motivational speakers.
His diverse range of clients has included the Cabinet Office in Westminster, Apple, Bombardier and the Bank of America.
In the New Year, the master of illusions will be performing his new show, ‘Seeing is Deceiving’, at venues across Northern Ireland, including two nights in Enniskillen.
The Impartial Reporter’s Jonathan Rainey caught up with the globe-trotting mentalist this week to talk about Christmas, frequent flying and getting licked in the face on stage in Fermanagh!

Q. Do you look forward to Christmas each year, or does the festive season fill you with dread?
A. I’m a giant brimming Christmas freak! I travel so much during the year, usually flying four to six times every week, so having the time to sit around in my underpants watching trashy TV is worth cherishing!

Q. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
A. I remember my dad getting drunk and falling through the roof space when I was about eight-years-old. That swing ball never did quite work after that!

Q. What are your plans for Christmas/ New Year this festive season?
A. This has been my busiest year ever travel-wise. In the last month alone I’ve been in Finland, Chicago, Arizona, and in London nearly 30 times, so I can’t wait to sit back and relax before my new big tour kicks off.

Q. Which five people, living or not, would you invite to your dream Christmas party?
A. My Dad. He’s been dead for 20 years this year, and I wish so much he could see what I’m doing now.
Derren Brown, a colleague and an inspiration. This man made it possible for people like me to do this as a living.
John Linehan/May McFettridge. This living legend has forgot more about showbiz than any of us could ever learn, and I wish I knew him better!
Barack Obama, because I’ve always wanted to meet a president.
Donald Trump, because I’ve always wanted to meet a real-life clown.

After the festive season is over, Meade will embark on a three-month tour of theatres across the province for his new show, ‘Seeing is Deceiving’.
He is due to appear at The Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen on January 27 and 28, 2017.

Q. Have you been a regular visitor to Fermanagh over the years?
A. I look forward to Enniskillen more than any other town, and I really mean that.
We spend the whole weekend in the town, renting a boat and seeing the sights.
There’s nowhere like it on earth.

Q. Have you performed in Fermanagh much before? What has the reaction to your shows been like down here?
A. Enniskillen is one of those rare towns that has a living breathing personality all it’s own.
The crowd feel lively and responsive from the moment I walk on stage – so I need to be ready for them!

Q. Do you tailor your performances to different areas?
A. Every single show is different, and some of my most memorable of all time have been in Fermanagh – last year we had a lady lick my face when I guessed the name of her first kiss.
I’ve had worse Tinder dates, to be honest!

Q. What is the inspiration behind the new show, Seeing is Deceiving?
A. For the first time ever I’ll be lifting the lid on how I do some of my act – and everyone will leave knowing a lot more about mind reading than when they arrived!

Q. What can Fermanagh audiences expect from you in January?
A. This is the funniest and most interactive show I’ve ever done, I’d recommend they bring their laughing gear!

Q. Can you sum up the new show in one line?
A. I’ll show you how I read minds, and you’ll be able to do it too!

Q. What next for David Meade after this tour?
A. Straight after the tour I head to do a run of corporate events in America, Paris, and Copenhagen.

Q. And finally... 2016 has seen the deaths of some much-loved entertainers and a lot of political uncertainty both here and abroad. There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom around. How would you go about injecting some positivity back into our lives?
A. I prescribe four tickets to my brand new show in the Ardhowen – I guarantee we will not leave the EU at any point during the act.

For more information on the ‘Seeing is Deceiving’ tour, visit David Meade’s website at: www.davidmeade.co.uk