Fermanagh stroke victim Lisa Green recently returned to the Stroke Unit at South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen to express her appreciation of the care that she received there. 
Accompanied by her parents Clive and Patricia Irvine, she made a presentation to the unit for £3,045.00, the proceeds of a dance held in Coa Hall. “It was my way of repaying them,” said Lisa, who was treated there just over four years ago. 
In May 2013, Lisa suffered a stroke at the age of 36 years. She recalls that she had twisted her knee and had been in the Accident and Emergency department to have it checked.
She recollected she was leaving Accident and Emergency to go home, when she said she collapsed.
Lisa says it was just before she left the hospital, and she is of the view that she was in the right place at the right time.
She said there had been no warnings leading up to her stroke. “I was 100 per cent,” said Lisa, adding that she “was working away”. “I was fine,” she said adding that she was in good health.
She spent a week receiving treatment in the Stroke Unit at SWAH, where she acknowledges she was treated by Dr. Kelly and his team.
She very much appreciates the care she received in the unit, and describes it as an “excellent service.”
Until suffering from a stroke herself, Lisa confesses that she would not have known what a stroke was, and would only have heard people talking about it.
And she says for something like that to happen, she is thankful for the “excellent service” they have there. Lisa believes that if she had to travel, “things would have been different” for her.
“I decided I wanted to give back. It was my way of repaying them for the care received at the hospital and when I got home,” said an appreciative Lisa, who pointed out that the stroke team were grateful for the presentation, which she mentioned will go towards equipment for the ward. 
Married to Nigel and the mother of three children, Ryan, 14, Calum, 11, and Orin, seven, Lisa admits that her stroke had been life changing for the family. She says everything had been in upheaval, but they have got through it.
Returning to SWAH to pay tribute to the stroke unit and the team, she says the amount she raised “would never cover the care I got.” She said “it was amazing” and her words of appreciation also extend to SWAH’s Accident and Emergency department. “I have nothing but thanks,” said Lisa.
The young woman, who still suffers from a number of long term effects from the stroke, really appreciates having the unit at SWAH. Talking about the unexpectedness of her stroke, she says “you never know when it will fall on your doorstep. I never expected it to fall on my doorstep at such a young age.”
Commending the unit, Lisa said she would like to see it retained in Fermanagh. “I would not want to see things changing,” she said.