The fun theme, Baby Pumpkin, was chosen to tie in with the Hallowe’en break during a recent Baby Sensory class in St. Macartin’s Cathedral Halls, Enniskillen.

A spokeswoman for the class, explained that Baby Sensory is an award winning baby development programme for babies aged 0-13 months. 

“Every week we have a different theme and would use a variety of activities including lights, music, textures, scents, puppets to stimulate baby’s senses and aid their development,” said the spokeswoman, who mentioned that last week’s theme was Baby Pumpkin. 

She pointed out they have three classes on Tuesdays 11am 0-13 months, 12.30pm 0-6 months and 2.30pm 0-13 months at St. Macartin’s Cathedral Halls. 

“Classes last an hour including time in our exploratory play area,” she said, adding that “babies can join the class at any time because each week has a different theme.”