WHEN Caolan Maguidhir hears the dulcet tones of Bob Dylan from now on he will be reminded of his father Martin Logan whose unexpected death just after Christmas caused shock and sadness.
The lyrics of Mr. Tambourine Man, Mr. Logan’s favourite Dylan song, have been playing over and over in his son’s head since the 47 year old’s body was discovered in a flat on the Cornagrade Road.
“Anytime I hear any of Dylan’s tracks, I think about him. That one that has been going through my mind over the last few days,” Mr. Maguidhir told The Impartial Reporter.
‘And take me disappearing through the smoke rings of my mind. Down the foggy ruins of time. Far past the frozen leaves’, just some of the haunting words of Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man.
“Dad was big into his music, loved his rock music, loved Dylan. 
“Hearing he had died was a shock, it took two days for it to register,” said Mr.  Maguidhir, recalling the moment he heard the heartbreaking news.
“I was walking into town, I had heard nothing about it, and I spotted my two uncles standing outside the flat where it happened. They called me over and I knew by the looks of their faces that it wasn’t good. They told me, I felt numb.”
The 25 year old said his father, who had two other children; Kirsty and Daniel, touched the lives of all those he came into contact over the years.
“He would have done anything for anyone, he didn’t stand on any side, he would have helped anyone. As someone who never looked back, who lived live to the fullest.
“Since his death we have met people whose lives had been touched by my dad in some way or another. During his younger years he played for a couple of different football teams across the community. It was from both sides of the community, he didn’t care about your political or religious background. He was just there for the craic,” he said. 
Mr. Logan was the son of Martin and Ann Hanley and was particularly fond of his mother; he enjoyed spending time with her and visited her often. He was the brother of Gerald, Alan, Joseph, Trevor, Joanne, Chanel and Patricia. 
“He’s got a big family of brothers and sisters, he was very close to his mum. He was in and out of there every day going in to see if she was all right. 
“Our relationship had its ups and downs to be honest but no matter how low our relationship was we had that mutual understanding that we were both there for each other.”
There was a large turnout at Mr. Logan’s funeral at St. Michael’s Church with Mr. Maguidhir saying he found it “strangely relaxing and relieving to know that he was at peace.”
Meanwhile, two men who were questioned about Mr. Logan’s death have been released on bail.
A spokesman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland told The Impartial Reporter yesterday (Wednesday): “The two men who were arrested have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.”