DEMOCRATIC Unionist Councillor Paul Robinson thought he was going to be killed at the weekend after a runaway jeep and trailer carrying cattle injured him in a scene he said was “like something you would see in a film”. 
The 58 year old had just left a petrol garage on Saturday evening in Fivemiletown and was walking across the forecourt when the incident took place. 
It lasted just 19 seconds, says the father of nine.
Speaking to The Impartial Reporter, Councillor Robinson recalled the moment his grey Citroen Picasso was hit by the jeep which spun it around by 90 degrees pushing it over his foot.
“I was walking to my car, she was parked down the hill, reversed into the parking bay with her nose sticking out and the back of her against the wall. My daughter Lydia was in the passenger side with her seat belt on waiting for me. I went to open the door of the car and the next thing the jeep came down the hill, hitting my car at the front wheel turning it around 90 degrees and my foot went in underneath the car, I was wearing my wellies,” he said.
 “You can actually see the imprint on the bottom of the car,” said Councillor Robinson who “held on tight” to his car during the incident which he believes prevented him from being “crushed against the wall.”
Another car arriving through the entrance at the back of the store was “pulled down the ramp” by the trailer which according to Councillor Robinson then “took two more cars with it through the wooden fence on the other side until it stopped.”

“It was like something you would see in a film,” he said.
“I have to give thanks to God for looking after me and protecting me for not being killed. My time wasn’t up.”
Still in shock, Councillor Robinson admitted to feeling “a wee bit emotional” following the incident. 
“I thought that was the end of me, I thought, I am going to be squeezed against this wall. 
“I was shocked. I could hear my daughter shouting, he’s gone, he’s gone. But I got myself pulled up from underneath the car.”
A rapid response vehicle and an ambulance was tasked to the incident and following an assessment and treatment at the scene by paramedics Councillor Robinson was taken to South West Acute Hospital.
“I have to give them their dues, the response unit was there in a few minutes. They were very professional, I have to praise them for what they did. 
“The staff at the A&E department were excellent as well and I want to pay tribute to them,” he said.
Married to Angela the couple have nine children; Trevor, Christopher, Rodney, Matthew, Rachel, Jemima, Samuel, Joshua and Lydia. 
“They didn’t know what to expect. After it happened I said to Lydia, you phone mummy and tell her I am OK. I said, you phone her, because someone will phone her and tell her that I have been badly injured. 
“I got a wee bit emotional that night, the thought that I could have been taken out of the whole scene is just unreal,” said Councillor Robinson. 
PSNI Sergeant Maggie Harkin confirmed officers from Dungannon attended the incident. 
“The man was treated at the scene by paramedics from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service before being taken to hospital with injuries which were not believed to be life threatening.
“The jeep and trailer was also in collision with three cars which were left damaged. 
“A fourth car, which left the scene before police arrived, was also believed to have sustained damage.
“The calves that were in the trailer were not reported to have been injured in the incident.
“Police enquiries into the incident are ongoing,” she said.