A TEENAGER who was high on a cocktail of drink and drugs when he shouted abuse at staff in an Enniskillen nursing home has been jailed for a total of six months.

Sean Michael Drumm (19), of Derryaghna, Letterbreen, pleaded guilty to using disorderly behaviour in a public place, namely Factory Road, Enniskillen, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest on January 10, 2018.
Drumm appeared before Fermanagh Magistrates Court for his sentencing on Monday, via videolink from Hydebank Young Offenders Centre.
The court heard that, at 7.30pm, police were contacted by the occupants of a dwelling on Mill Street in Enniskillen.
Officers were informed that the defendant, who appeared to be intoxicated, had entered the property through the front door. He then moved on, the court heard.
Around 50 minutes later, police learnt that Drumm had entered another residence in the area.
Shortly afterwards, they were tasked to the nearby Millcroft care home. Drumm was shouting and screaming at staff, the court heard.
Despite being told by officers to calm down, the defendant continued to verbally abuse both the staff and then police.
When officers went to restrain him, he tensed his arms and refused to put them behind his back.
After once more refusing to calm down, the police informed him that he would be placed in limb restraints.
They were concerned that the elderly residents were becoming “stressed and upset” by his continued behaviour.
During his struggles with the police, the teenager spat out and hit one of the officers on the leg.
Once he was arrested, Drumm was taken into custody in a cell van. He was charged with the offences on the following day, the court heard.
During a subsequent interview, he told officers that he couldn’t remember anything that happened after noon on the previous day.
The teenager claimed that he drank whiskey, rum, brandy and vodka and had also taken 20 “blues”.
Alleging that he had been “completely out of it”, Drumm insisted he couldn’t remember a thing.
Defending counsel, Stephen Fitzpatrick, told the court that it had been an “unsavoury series of events”, but that there had been no injuries to any of the police officers.
The barrister admitted that Drumm was “well-known” to the judge and had spent a significant period of time in custody on remand since this offence.
Mr. Fitzpatrick said that a pre-sentence report that had been prepared highlighted the defendant’s substance abuse and alcohol issues.
“He does acknowledge that when he takes these substances he does end up before the court,” the barrister said.
Mr. Fitzpatrick said that the defendant was currently subject to a Probation Order, involving an “ongoing” psychological assessment.
He added: “This is a young man who, unless these issues are addressed, is at risk of appearing before the court again.”
District judge, Nigel Broderick, observed that the defendant’s behaviour was “quite despicable”.
The judge said he had concerns about the residents of the nursing home and the assault on the police officer, adding that Drumm had displayed “quite violent” behaviour.
Ruling that the custodial threshold had been crossed, the judge imposed a three-month jail term and a £25 offender levy.
He then activated in full a three-month suspended sentence that had been imposed on Drumm in December and directed that he serve it consecutively to the latest term – giving him a total of six months in jail.