The daughter of Denise Gosset, the mother and grandmother who died in a house fire in Derrylin, has paid tribute to the people of Derrylin for their love and support in the wake of her devastating loss.
Samantha Gossett, 28, lost her 45-year-old mother, Denise (also known as Crystal), her siblings, 19-year-old Sabrina Gosset (also
known as Elektra) and 16-year-old Roman Gosset, and her 16-month-old niece, Morgana Quinn in the fire.
She and her partner travelled from England to attend a vigil in Derrylin last Wednesday, and visit the site of the house fire that claimed the lives of three generations of her family.
The interdenominational service, which was organised by Rev. Alisdair Donaldson and Father Gerard Alwill, was held for the Gossett family in the Church of Ireland Church in Derrylin and attended by a large number of people in the community.
It included a number of hymns and focused on prayer for the family who had suffered such an immense and unthinkable loss and those who had tried so desperately to save them.
“The events of that Tuesday morning in late February brought a huge sense of shock to everyone in our community,” said Father Alwill, “The loss of so many lives across three generations of the one family left us stunned and bewildered.”
Speaking afterwards, Samantha expressed her heartfelt thanks to those who had been involved in trying to save her family members and the continued support from the community of Derrylin as she tried to come to terms with her loss.
She told the Impartial Reporter: “I would like to pass on my heartfelt thanks to everyone who turned up at the vigil on Wednesday.
“It shows how much love and support the community has for each other.”