Two experienced cavers escaped uninjured from a cave in the Marble Arch Nature Reserve after a seven-hour search and rescue operation over the Easter holidays.

The male and female cavers were reportedly “tired but in good spirits” when they were located in Cascades Rising Cave in Claddagh Glen by members of the Irish Cave Rescue Organisation (ICRO).
A party of four had went caving on Good Friday. When two members had failed to exit the cave at an agreed time, their fellow cavers raised the alarm.
At 10pm, the PSNI tasked the ICRO and the North West Mountain Rescue Team (NWMRT) to the site near Cuilcagh Mountain.
The ICRO deployed 12 members and had a further 10 members ready to travel. While the ICRO searched the underground cave system, 11 members of the NWMRT carried out an above ground search for the missing pair. 
During the overnight search, the ICRO team were able to use the NWMRT’s base at Florencecourt for hot showers and tea.
ICRO spokeswoman Bernie Commins said the search commenced at 10pm and ended at 5am on Saturday, March 31.
“Best practice, when caving, is to leave a full record of your planned trip: cave name, location, time in, planned route in the cave, time out etc. 
“When ICRO personnel were alerted to the overdue cavers - one male and one female - they received this information, which provided a good basis from which to commence the search,” she explained.
“Using this information, a search plan was devised and personnel were deployed to search the cave in line with this plan,” said Ms. Commins, who added: “The entrance series of this cave, known as Cascades Rising Cave, is formed in a narrow band of shaley limestone. 
“It is a complex set of passages, consisting mainly of low crawls and narrow connections. The route through this section of the cave is far from obvious, and it can be disorientating.”
She explained that the cavers had become lost, adding. 
 “Both cavers were well-equipped, had food and water. They were tired but in good spirits and happy to end their extended trip.”
The exit from the cave was “straightforward” once the missing cavers made contact with the ICRO rescuers.
ICRO Chairman, Duncan Foster thanked the NWMRT and the PSNI and commented: “This rescue had a very positive outcome and we were glad to have located both cavers safe and well.”
NWMRT volunteer Diane Sheridan said: “It’s great there was a positive result. It was good to work together with the ICRO. 
“They were cold and wet coming up from the caves so they were able to use the NWMRT’s base at Florencecourt, which is near Claddagh Glen.”
She mentioned that many of the NWMRT volunteers had busy schedules planned for Saturday. 
“I went home and had a very strong coffee! That’s the nature of what we do; it’s what we are trained for,” she said.
PSNI Sergeant Robinson commented: “Police in Enniskillen received a report of concern for safety for a male and female at the Marble Arch Caves on Saturday, 31 March. 
“It was reported that two cavers, a male and a female, had failed to return. 
“Police and other emergency rescue agencies attended, and searches were conducted. At approximately 5am, both individuals were located. No injuries were reported.”
For cave rescue, call 999/112 and ask for cave rescue. ICRO, which is an all-island voluntary organisation, is tasked by the PSNI in Northern Ireland and An Garda Siochana in the Republic of Ireland.