Questions have arisen this week over claims that a possible famine burial ground is located on the Tempo Road in Enniskillen, this newspaper understands.
The Historic Environment Division (HED) of the Department of Communities has confirmed this week that they are “looking into the matter.”
They were also able to confirm that “a burial ground located to the south of the Tempo Road is recorded on the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record. This record is based on a local tradition of a famine burial ground dating to the 19th century.” The possible site is located at the green dot on the picture attached to this story. 
The burial ground in question can be viewed by visiting the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record website and searching records for Fermanagh and entering the reference number 211:117. It states that according to oral tradition the Earl of Belmore stopped men ploughing the land because of it being a burial place and that archaeological work could confirm if a graveyard is there.