A 34 year old woman has been left traumatised after thieves made off with TVs, her laptop and jewellery following a break in at her home in Derrylin last Saturday night.
The woman had been spending the evening in Donegal when the incident took place.
Having planned to spend the night at her parent’s house she was driving past her own house when she made the chilling discovery that someone had been in her house.
“I was passing the house at 1.15am when I noticed that things were not right.
“I then discovered the back door was lying open, the patio window was smashed and the house had been ransacked.”

On further inspection it was discovered that the woman’s TVs, laptop and jewellery amongst other items were taken. 
It was also noted that a box of hair accessories of little monetary value was also missing from the house. 
“It was strange, combs and all that stuff were found in the garden,” she said. 
The woman, who recently purchased the house is determined to move on and return to normal life despite this traumatic experience. 
In a statement to The Impartial Reporter, the PSNI have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.
A spokesperson stated: “It is believed entry was gained sometime between 7pm on Saturday 28 and 8.30am on Sunday, July 29. 
“Officers have appealed to anyone who was in the area at the time and saw any suspicious activity to contact the police,” she said.