Country music star Lisa McHugh was back in Nashville over the summer to immerse herself in the city renowned for its music.

This was the singer’s fifth trip to the Tennessee state capital which she aptly describes as “country music heaven.” Even though she has been multiple times, Lisa never tires of the place, saying that she’s already looking forward to her next visit.

“I had a ball, I had an absolute ball. I always enjoy myself when I go over there. There is something going on there all the time and the standard of talent is ridiculous.”

Staying in Nashville for three and a half weeks, Lisa decided to make the first part of her trip a holiday. “For the first week I took my mum, dad and aunt over with me because they had never been before.”

Visiting prime music venues, such as the Grand Ole Opry and the Nissan Stadium, Lisa, along with her family, experienced numerous live shows including performances by Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton and Charley Pride.

Although there were many highlights of her trip, visiting Dollywood, the amusement park part-owned by country music sensation Dolly Parton, was one that particularly stood out for Lisa.

“I’ve always been a massive fan of Dolly and have always wanted to go to Dollywood. It was great to get the opportunity to go and experience it.”

After a week spent taking in the sights and sounds of the city with her family, Lisa was straight down to work for the remaining part of her trip.

“My main reason for going over was for song-writing and to try and better myself at that. I was doing a writing session at least once, if not twice a day, every day for two and half weeks. As a result I’ve come back home with quite a few songs which is great.”

During her evenings Lisa explored the city’s local country music scene.

“I went around the bars and made friends with a few songwriters over there who were doing gigs. Some of them were kind enough to ask me up to sing with their band. It was great to get involved and see how things go on over there. There was live music everywhere and great fun everywhere too.”

After another productive and inspiring trip to ‘Music City USA,’ Lisa has returned to Fermanagh with plenty of new songs up her sleeve.