A double amputee has described the pain in his legs as "unreal" as he continues to look for the treatment he requires from his local Health Centre.

John Allen from Irvinestown, lost the lower part of both his legs due to diabetes and fears that he will lose his left leg above the knee if his dispute with the Health Centre is not resolved.

The 65 year old lost the lower part of his left leg at Christmas 2013, the same year his son was killed in Australia. The lower limb on his right leg was removed three years later in 2016.

John is seeking an apology being described as "mentally low" and "quite angry" on his medical notes during a nurse's visit to his house in 2016.

Mr. Allen said this is untrue and does not understand why this would have been written about him, as he believed he had a good relationship with the nurses tending to his wounds.

I am just looking for them to apologise," said John, "I am genuinely let down.

"All I want is proper care. I want myself heard about the way I am and the way I feel and how I am being treated."

Mr. Allen has sent letters to the Western Health and Social Care Trust's Complaints Department but is not satisfied with the investigation that was carried out as well as several letters to the Health Centre itself.

In the letters he expressed his sadness at his treatment and how he would not tolerate the language used about him, referring to the notes on him being "mentally low".

"I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea. I'm ready for the asylum, my nerves are about to give up.

"I just cannot stick the burning and stinging. I go to bed at night, I have to get up and lie on the sofa once it gets too warm."

In the letter Mr.Allen received back from the Health Trust's Complaint's Department, it states that he was offered an apology at his home back in June as well as attempts being made to set up meetings with officials from the Health Trust. Mr. Allen disputes both of these.

With this ongoing dispute, John's leg has got worse and he fears it will have to be amputated even further.

"The legs are deteriorating rapidly. I have a hole in left leg through to the bone an inch deep.

"I'm getting no treatment. If I had been properly seen to the leg wouldn’t have broke out."

A spokesperson for the Western Health and Social Care Trust (Western Trust) said: “Respecting patient/client confidentiality the Trust does not publicly comment on individual cases. The Trust received a formal complaint about this matter, and a response was issued through the Patients’ Advocate Office. We would advise that if this individual remains dissatisfied to make contact again with Patients' Advocate Office who will respond to any additional comments or concerns as promptly as is possible. The Patients' Advocate Office can be contacted on 028 7161 1226.”