Q: Is there particular song that reminds you of childhood memories and family time?

A: Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers will always remind me of my childhood. My mum would put on the tape and teach me how to jive in our living room. It’s a compilation of 60s and 70s pop and rock songs remixes within each other. I recently found this on vinyl in a charity shop, so now my daughter and I can dance to it.

Q: Which songs take you back to your teenage years?

A: Bringing me back to my teenage years, Pinball Wizard by The Who always reminds me of starting to go out to hear local bands, and this song was covered a lot. All the 60s and 70s rock and roll was hugely influential and a lot of fun at that age.
I was bought the White album by The Beatles after completing my GCSES’s, and I found it unlike anything I’d ever heard before. I still have it, and still admire the songwriting on that album when you listen to ‘Blackbirds’, but even the funny and obscure songs such as ‘Piggies’. 

Q: What music gets you through tough times?

A: During tough times I tend to listen to sad music, which may or may not help. But melancholic ballads by my all time favourite artist Nick cave like ‘Into my arms’, ‘Breathless’ or his album The Boatman Calls, are all such open and raw pieces and for whatever reason I am aways drawn to them.
Q: What type of music would best describe your first love?

A: The music that would describe my first love... The Rolling Stones mostly! But also some of the new bands that came out in the 2000’s such as The Dandy Warhols and the White Stripes. 

Q: If you could choose a band to play on the soundtrack of you life who would it be?

A: If I had to choose a band to play the soundtrack of my life, it would be my husband’s band The Poor Old Dogs. Punky, folky, foot stomping, original and never dull. 
Always pleasure to watch perform live. I reckon between them they all know me well enough to write the soundtrack of my life! 

Q: If you could play a song to give you confidence what song would it be?

A song to provide me with confidence would be ‘Rise’ by Public Image Limited, an English post punk band fronted by The Sex Pistols  Johnny Rotten. I think listening to any song written and performed by John Lydon gives you a sense of who cares what anyone thinks! Do what you want and go until you are stopped. 

Q: What song brings back happy memories and why?

A: A song which brings me happy memories would the “The Rattlin’ Bog” by the Irish Rovers. It brings me back to family get togethers, my auntie Helen playing the spoons, all of us singing along, usually the wrong lyrics, and everyone laughing and joking round the fire with maybe a gin and tonic or two,  and cousins running around. Such a warm feeling when I think back to this.

Q: If you could choose three songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

A:  My three song I’d chose to listen to for the rest of my life would be Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘Into my arms’ purely for its softness and sentiment. The Dubliners ‘Galway races’, a song my husband Jack plays so reminds me of him, and I love the story and history within the song and it’s Irish trad, lifting sound. 
And lastly I’d chose Herman Dune ‘I wish that I could see you soon’, a really fun playful song that my daughter loves to dance to with us. 

Q: What song reminds you of your one true passion?

I really enjoy the arts such as photography, painting and film, but I’m also very interested in medical science. After I finished my degree in photography I was lucky enough to work for an amazing pathologist Dr. Craig Platt. I loved my time working so closely with microbiology and pathology, combined with my love of aesthetics. Reef ‘Place your hands’ was a favourite of Dr. Platt’s which reminds me of my time working in the hospital. 

Q: What song reminds you of the one place you love to visit?

The place where I’ll always love to return again and again is Bristol. It’s the city where I first moved to at 19 to study, where I met all my best friends, where I brought up my daughter, met my love and in August the place I married him. The song I choose which is Bristol through and through is Aletha and Donna “Uptown ranking”. It was played by DJ Derek, a renowned DJ who in his 70s still played in all the pubs and clubs of Bristol. I met my husband, Jack, at a memorial gig after DJ Derek sadly passed away in 2016.