The Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT) is preparing to roll out its “period of engagement” on its new Pathfinder initiative. It will see a series of meetings take place in November with different groups and stakeholders.

The initiative is aimed at looking at how services are currently delivered in Fermanagh and West Tyrone.

Deputy Chief Executive of the WHSCT, Kieran Downey, will lead the initiative and has already met with staff at both South West Acute Hospital and Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex, politicians from Fermanagh and Omagh District Council (FODC), the Personal and Public Involvement (PPI) forum and also, an audience at the Fermanagh Rural Community Network Annual General Meeting.

In a previous communication with FODC Mr Downey has said that there are “pressures” on services and that “unless we do some things differently, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain all current services on a stable and sustainable footing.”

The next stage of the initiative will see more meetings, beginning in November:

Mr Downey stated: “We announced Pathfinder in July and August and have been preparing since then for what will be a very intensive period of engagement with all stakeholders across Fermanagh and West Tyrone. This engagement is the foundation stone of the whole initiative. It will involve patients, staff, community and voluntary groups, carers, action groups, public representatives and other stakeholders. With the Public Health Agency, we will then undertake a population health needs analysis to further inform our thinking.”

The deputy Chief Executive continued: “I would urge everyone to get involved with the Pathfinder discussions, to give this process a chance. We are asking what needs to happen to ensure current and future needs of the community are properly met. As the name suggests, Pathfinder is about finding the best route forward for affordable Health and Social Care for Fermanagh and West Tyrone.”

A new online hub for the Pathfinder initiative will be launched soon and further information and details of the Community engagement programme will be found there. Check back at for more.