A young man who threw flowers at police has been found guilty of disorderly behaviour and criminal damage at Fermanagh Magistrates Court.

Kalem Green of Moyletra Gardens, Enniskillen was arrested by police in Enniskillen in the early hours of September 30.

The court heard how police officers were in Forthill Street responding to enquiries when the defendant approached them, becoming abusive and swearing at the officers.

The officers warned the 21-year-old defendant and advised him to move on.

The police officers continued on up to Belmore Street where they again came into contact with Greene who continued to be abusive towards the officers, swearing at them and giving them the middle finger.

Greene then went and pulled flowers out of a flower bed which belonged to Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and threw them at police. The officers approached Greene who continued to shout abuse and was subsequently arrested.

During the interview the defendant said he had little memory of the incidents.

A solicitor representing Greene reiterated his client’s lack of memory as he was highly intoxicated as a result of drinking from the early hours of the evening. He also asked the court to take into account his client’s early guilty plea.

District Judge Liam McStay did point out that Greene had been “quite resistant” and there were “several opportunities to back away”.

He added that it was concerning behaviour and in normal circumstances he would request a report to see what steps needed to be taken.

Judge McStay told Greene that his early guilty plea was taken into account by the court and stand to him. He added that as this is the first time Greene has been in front of the courts he will give him an opportunity.

“If you repeat this especially with drink you will run into difficulty with the courts,” said Judge McStay.

Greene was fined £100 for each offence.