A woman who has breached her bail on a number of occasions has been given one last chance to abide by the terms set out in her bail conditions.

Julia Stokes, of Drumbeg, Enniskillen appeared at Fermanagh Magistrates’ Court on Monday after the latest breach of her bail conditions.

The defendant is currently facing a number of theft and burglary charges and possession of a Class B drug.

A police officer told the court how on November 16, police were made aware by G4S of a breach of curfew by Stokes.

Officers called to her address where they knocked on the door for three minutes but there was no answer. They observed that the house was dark and no lights on.

The officer added that Stokes was aware that she should have been in her house by 7pm.

The next day, November 17, police again attended the house where they found Stokes clearly intoxicated and slurring her words.

She was placed under arrest for breaching her bail conditions.

The officer continued telling the court about the concern of Stokes not being at her address and although there had been some breaches before this they had been let pass because they had not been of major significance.

She said Stokes was continually getting arrested while on bail and police were worried of her reoffending as her behaviour does not seem to have improved and Stokes was flouting the conditions of her bail, and staying in the address whenever it suited her.

Stokes’ solicitor told the court that the breach of bail was accepted.

He pointed out the curfew of 7am to 7pm was difficult for the defendant to abide by as she regualrly visits an aunt in Dungannon and her brothers grave, also in the town, and has to rely on public transport to make her way to and from Dungannon.

He suggested if the curfew may be extended for the 27 year old.

In relation to Stokes not being at the property on November 16, he told how Stokes had been assaulted by a family member who was living in the house with her and she was in the process of making a formal complaint.

He said his client had left the property and went to a friend’s house for fear of further assault.

District Judge Michael Ranahan decided Stokes deserved one more chance and released her out on bail on the same conditions.

He said he would not be amending the curfew time.

Speaking to Stokes, Judge Ranahan told the 27 year old to get herself back on time even if it means taking an earlier bus.

He warned her that police will be keeping an eye on her.

“I warn you that another breach of curfew and no excuse will be accepted,” concluded District Judge Ranahan..

Stokes is due to appear in court again on Monday, November 26.