Two women from Fermanagh are looking to raise awareness in the county to the ever growing problem of plastic pollution.

Diana McChesney, from Lisbellaw and Lynda Jones, from Enniskillen are hoping to increase awareness the damage of single use plastic, discarded plastic and also deforestation for palm oil exploration.

On December 1, the two women are calling on the people of Fermanagh to get out and take part in a voluntary litter pick across the county, and ridding the beautiful countryside of Fermanagh of the scourge of litter.

Diana and Lynda, along with Diana's daughter Casey carried out a litter pick last Saturday, November 17 and came away with almost 10 bags of rubbish.

"We apparently only have a 12 year window of opportunity to change the huge mess we have made of our planet," explained Diana.

"We are trying to make an effort - no matter how small it seems - and hope to encourage others to do the same.

"We are trying to get people to be more conscientious and hope that inspire other people to think twice about dropping litter."

Lynda says: "By doing this we are hoping to inspire and encourage others to respect and care for their environment. It is important that the human race wakes up to the extent of damage we have all caused to the world. Our litter pick can get parents and teachers talking to children, as well as increasing awareness about things we buy which give us a moment's pleasure, like a bottle of water, which take 500 years to biodegrade.

"Our litter pick was carried out along only a 10 metre section of lough shore."

The organised voluntary pick encourages anybody to pick up a bag and get out an area they care about that has been affected by litter and do your bit for the environment. Donna and Lynda want anybody who takes part in the litter pick to post photos on social media to highlight the problem in the county.