We Deserve Better campaign founder Dylan Quinn is planning to walk to Stormont, from Enniskillen.

In a video posted to his Facebook page on Sunday November 25, Dylan stated that on January 5 2019 he will embark on a walk from Enniskillen to the Stormont Parliament building, hoping to arrive by January 7.

Dylan said: “It seems to be very difficult for some of our MLAs, particularly the previous First Minister of Northern Ireland, to get to Stormont to do their job.”

He continued: “So I’m going to go to Stormont, I’m not going to stand but I’m going to walk there. I’m going to walk from the constituency of the previous first minister, from Enniskillen, up to Stormont on January 5.”

In the video, Dylan explained that following the well-supported We Deserve Better demonstration on August 28, he wanted to personally do something to keep the message going.

He said: “It’s been a while since August 28 when we were out demonstrating our frustration at the lack of government here in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, not a lot has changed since then, I wasn’t naive enough to think that one event was going to change it all.

Dylan clarified in the video that his walk to Stormont will be a solo venture and not a parade.”I believe in peaceful non-direct action.”

“So we can kick start 2019, hopefully, with a positive step forward to say, ‘let’s make change happen here because we deserve better,’ to keep that message going,” he said.