This week we visited Maguiresbridge Primary School who were enjoying festive activities and celebrations in the lead up to the Christmas holidays.

Along with preparations for their carol service, which took place in Maguiresbridge Christ Church on Tuesday, the whole school were involved in the creation of handmade Christmas trees to decorate the school assembly hall. A Christmas tree was designed and constructed by each year group, who took inspiration from their classroom lessons which ranged from triangles and repeat patterns to the Vikings. Joining in the tree-decorating fun, the school council, kitchen staff and members of the Parent Teachers Association also contributed trees of varying styles, adding to the creative collection. Each unique tree showed plenty of imagination and creativity, and standing together they formed a wonderfully festive spectacle.The special trees were appreciated by family and friends as they enjoyed Mrs. Tubman's famous mince pies after the carol service.

With only a few days to go before Santa Claus arrives, we chatted to some P2 and P3 pupils at the primary school about Christmas presents, if they think their family members are on Santa's nice list and some of the naughty things their elves have been up to.

Santa’s elves seem to have invaded many a home this Christmas as every child we talked to were happy to share stories of their mischievous elf on the shelf.

Talking of the naughtiest thing her elf has done, Lucie Robinson said: “My elf on the shelf put on my mummy’s knickers and she was really cross.”

Max Robinson added: “The baddest thing my elf on the shelf has done is he dumped flour all over the counter and he was making snowflakes.”

Friends Alex Smyton and Ryan Wilson also have cheeky elves in their houses. “He was hanging on the light one day and he was teaching ABCs one day. And he’s a bit lazy,” said Alex about his elf. Whereas Ryan’s elf likes to redecorate the Christmas tree. “He took the star down and he got himself on top of it," he giggled.

Amelia Little's elf seems to have a taste for chocolate. “Sometimes it is bad and eats chocolate from the advent calendar,” she shared, whilst Ellie Mitten’s elf dresses up in her clothes.

Although most of the elves are naughty, Jack McCusker seems to have nice elf in his house. “He made breakfast,” said Jack.

With elves in each house keeping an eye on behaviour for Santa, all the children agreed that they would definitely be on the nice list. When asked if his mummy and daddy were on naughty or nice list, Ryan said: “I think they would be on the good list.” Arken Mahfoudhi added: “I’ve got a wee brother and he is on the nice list.”

When talking about Christmas presents, there was a lot of excitement. Most excited was Max, who told us that Santa was bringing him a puppy. “I’m getting a dog. A white one, but I don’t know all the names of a dog,” he said. When asked if his parents are happy about him getting a dog from Santa, Max said: “My mum’s not happy but my daddy, he thinks it’s ok.”

Talking about what Santa is bringing her, Lucie said: “I’m getting a wee baby but it’s not real, it’s just pretend.”

Amelia is getting a go kart from Santa and said she’d be happy to let Arken, who is hoping for a surprise, to have a go in it. When asked who would be the fastest driver, they both put up their hands.

Jack has also asked for a surprise. He added: “My brother and me, I give my mum a load of presents. I wrapped it up with five wrapping papers.”

Ryan said that he is getting a “flicker” from his uncle for Christmas. When asked what a “flicker” was, he said: “You flick around and then wiggle your bum. You wiggle your bum and then you get exercise.” Ryan then demonstrated by wiggling his bum which turned into him teaching his friend Alex how to do the floss dance.

With Christmas just around the corner, we hope that all the children get what they wish for, and that their elves don't get up to anymore mischief.