Fermanagh and Omagh District Council have said it would be "inequitable" for the Council to consider alternative or other uses for Necarne Estate at this time.

This comes weeks after it was revealed that there was interest from local sporting organisations in the possibility of building a multi-functional multi million-pound sports complex.

There are already proposals in place for Necarne from preferred bidders Gardrum Holdings Ltd to invest in creating a sustainable, multi-purpose tourism and leisure destination, comprising a holiday retreat with a range of outdoor activities, enhanced walkways and cycle paths and events space developed over a phased basis.

However, both Fermanagh GAA and the Fermanagh and Western, and it is understood Enniskillen Rugby Club and athletics organisations within the county, have expressed an interest in the possibility of using perhaps 30 to 40 acres of the 200 acres on the Necarne Estate.

Neil Jardine, Fermanagh Western Football League Chairman who also sits on several Irish Football Association committees, has said that the project would be something that the Fermanagh and Western would be very interested in:

"We have taken part in initial discussion with the GAA, Rugby and Athletics. It is no doubt aspirational at the moment, but it would also certainly benefit the county. From our point of view we need another grass floodlit pitch. There are only two in the Fermanagh and Western Area and only one in the county."

Fermanagh County Board Vice Chairman, Phil Flanagan, told the annual convention that he hoped the Council would "work" with the various sporting bodies on a possibly development:

"We are seeking discussions with Fermanagh Omagh District Council over the possibility of getting a portion of the land along with the IFA, Ulster Rugby and Athletics Ireland so that we can develop training facilities which are badly needed.

"We have already had advanced discussions and an agreement with the three other sporting bodies on the matter and we feel that it would be a very smart move for the council to work with us all on this," he said.

However the Council has stated that the engagement with sporting organisations in relation to Necarne has been "limited".

"The Council has previously had some limited engagement from sporting representatives in connection with speculative development proposals generally but has not had any recent requests to consider detailed and robust proposals for sports development in the area. These engagements took place after the open expressions of interest process, instigated by the Council, had closed," a spokesperson said.

The Council did not rule out a possibility of a sports complex becoming part of Necarne but explained that it would have to come within the parameters of what is currently been proposed

"There are a number of factors including notably environmental protection issues which impact on the viability of development options for the site. The preferred bidder, Gardrum, has expended considerable time, effort and resources to date on developing proposals for a multi-use tourism, outdoor activity, recreation and event centre. Until the current ongoing process is complete it would be inequitable for the Council to consider alternatives or other uses but there may be scope for sports development within the scheme that is in development."