Eight-year-old Maguiresbridge Primary School pupil Jack Stuart and his classmates got a perfect Christmas treat when they travelled to Todds Leap to test out Jack’s very own paintball game - JTXtreme.

Back in June, Jack won the Paintball Gamers Competition and on Thursday, December 20 the game has been completed and ready for action.

The competition which ran back in the Spring, welcomed entries from young gamers and Fortnite enthusiasts, to design a game, map, character or flag, that Todds Leap paintball would then integrate with their Junior Paintball and Splatmaster Game Zones.

Jack and his classmates were massive fans of the game and so he decided to put his love for the game to use and created the winning plan.

“I entered it because the class loved Fortnite and it is based on Fortnite. It is mega popular in my class,” explained Jack.

At eight years old, Jack was one of the youngest to enter the competition but this did not matter as is shown by the creativity he portrayed in designing the game.

“I was at my friend’s Nerf party. I basically just saw a poster of it it said for under 16 and I’m under 16 so it was incredible and I was the youngest in the competition.”

Speaking about the competition, Shirley O’Hanlon, Sales and Marketing manager at Todds Leap, praised the “ingenious” design made by Jack.

“With the rise of Fortnite and Gaming, Todds Leap wanted to reach out to the creative minds in an effort to get young gamers outdoors and active. The winner could not have been any more apparent when the entry was received. Jack had come up with all of the above criteria and it was ingenious.

“When Todds Leap contacted Jack’s mum to let her know Jack had won she explained how hard Jack had worked on the project and both her and Jack were ecstatic with the news.

“We hope when young Jack is finished with school he will consider a career at Todds Leap, looking after product development no less,” Shirley told The Impartial Reporter.

With JTXtreme now complete, Jack and his friends will be the first to try it out and it will also be available for other kids to enjoy when they book in for birthday parties or fun trips to Todds Leap.