Name: Sinéad McGovern

Age: 32

Location: Belcoo

Q: Is there a particular song that reminds you of childhood memories and family time?

A: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - I got a karaoke cassette and mic combo toy for Christmas when I was 5 and after spending Christmas being taught the song by my Uncle who was visiting for the festive period, I bounded back in the classroom like Freddy Mercury himself lol even the teacher still remembers it.....isn’t that right Mrs Murray lol

Q: Which songs take you back to your teenage years?

Love me for a reason - Boyzone

Oh how all the 90’s girls fell madly in love with these swooning Dublin leprechauns and I just remember thinking how cool my mum was knowing all the words to the song - I was later informed it was The Osmonds that sold it for her lol

“Mmmmbop” - Hanson

Hadn’t a notion what it meant but just loved the nonsense and their long blonde locks - very envious. The song was savage craic and still sparks a reaction if played now

Q: What music gets you through tough times?

A. Everybody no matter who you are goes through hard times be it a bereavement, an illness or just having a bad day. I don’t have specific music I just compiled a playlist and there’s everything from AC/DC - survivor and Disney to The Beatles

Q: What type of music would best describe your first love?

A: That’s a tough one it was such a long time ago lol it was obviously when I was still in school - we all had our first love/crush In school didn’t we? so I reckon it would have probably been westlife

Q: If you could choose a band to play on the soundtrack of your life who would it be?

A: Dixie Chicks without a doubt!! Love the country vibe and they do it with such strength, power and passion! They also have a song to fit every aspect in my life so far so it would make their job a little easier too lol

Q: If you could play a song to give you confidence what song would it be?

A: ANY!!! 😊Confidence comes from within you so whether you can hold a tune or not if you want to belt it out and it makes you feel good then that’s all the confidence you need

Q: What song brings back happy memories and why?

A: A song which brings me happy memories would have to be “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison - My uncle Alfie who not only looked like him but could sing like him too sang this everywhere. Drumming the table at dinner or the steering wheel whilst driving he lived for his rendition - we sadly lost him in 2010 but whenever we hear it, it makes us smile - it was just him.

Q: If you could choose three songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

A: “The Rare Old Times” - The Dublin Rogues (cover of Luke Kelly) firstly because my Dad is a major big fan of Luke Kelly and also my Great Uncles Johnny and Billy Barton fronted The Dublin Rogues, true Dublin men with a real rawness and passion. Billy is actually touring at the moment with “Seven drunken nights” - story of The Dubliners they’re in Omagh on 3rd of March so looking forward to that.

“Somebody to love” by Queen - I sang this song on many’s an occasion with Brollagh School Choir but without the motivation and drive from our Music teacher Catherine Leonard at that time we would never have achieved what we did and singing a Freddy Mercury solo in the Waterfront hall in Belfast was just amazing

“Cassie O” by George Ezra - I love, love, love putting this on in the car for my lads Rían (10) and Kilían (8) they sing it so loudly and smile so brightly it’s just so funny and satisfying to watch

Q: What song reminds you of your one true passion?

“Photograph” by Ed Sheeran

As we grow older we realise that life is for living and appreciating....making memories with my family is my passion, so capture them and treasure them if you have the photo you’ll always have the memory

Q: What song reminds you of the one place you love to visit?

“Don’t look back in Anger” - Oasis

The place I will always visit and love visiting is Manchester 💙 With such a strong family structure there from Aunts, uncles and cousins not to mention best friends, but also my children were born there and some of those who I will always love and hold in my heart are buried there so it will always be special.Seven years of wonderful memories.