The health of the high street and the future of independent retailers was brought into focus this week as one of Enniskillen’s most well known stores closed its doors for the final time.

Classics located on Cross Street, Enniskillen announced on their Instagram page they would be closing down after 32 years in business selling high quality ladies clothing.

The store cited a number of rising pressures on independent retailers for the closure such as the steady rise of online shopping, changes in the habits of shoppers and interestingly the unknown threat of Brexit.

In their post their post on Instagram, they said: “Small independents are now in competition with our suppliers, Black Friday and huge discounts which are unsustainable.

“We are in danger of losing not only our shops but our communities.Change is not always progress!”

Although Enniskillen town centre has lost one of its longest trading stores, Menary’s, who opened up on High Street in November of last year have had a positive start to life in the town.

Kristine Balfour, store manager said that having local independent stores on the High Street is what people want to see.

“People are happy with that the main street is full of shops like us and that the fact that we are local.

“We opened around the same time as Osborne and Co. and people are happy to see us a,” she told The Impartial Reporter on Tuesday.

However, Kristine did sound a warning, saying that the increase in the price of parking in Enniskillen, the ongoing gas works and the weather, especially over the last few weeks, still plays a part on shoppers coming to the centre of the the town but thankfully it has been a good start for the store since its opening.

“It hasn’t helped but retail is up and down but thankfully it has been positive so far and people are delighted to have us here in Enniskillen,” she said.

There has been speculation that other stores in the town centre are due to close in the coming months, however an outdoor retailer is currently advertising for store manager and assistant manager for a new store in Enniskillen.

Mountain Warehouse is advertising on its website and LinkedIn for the positions with the store expected to open some time in the Spring.

Mountain Warehouse has grown rapidly to become the largest Outdoor Retailer in the UK, with over 300 stores worldwide.