The local community are concerned by antisocial behaviour at the Devenish Local Nature Reserve and Allotments in Kilmacormick, Enniskillen.

According to a source, the issue has been "ongoing" over a "couple of months" and that the police have been notified on a number of occasions.

The source commented: "The local nature reserve has been taken over by a load of youths, it’s been ongoing now a couple of months."

The source added that the antisocial behaviour included "drinking and playing loud music" in the green space which is used by the "whole community."

Pictures obtained by this newspaper show litter including beer cans, soft drinks bottles and other waste items strewn in various areas of the nature reserve.

A sign on a fence surrounding the area advises visitors to "keep the park clean" and highlights that there should be "no litter" and "no dumping."