The TUV candidates for the 2019 local elections are looking forward to getting out and talking to the people now they have formally handed in their nomination papers.

Donald Crawford, Alex Elliott and Charlie Chittick where at the Townhall, Enniskillen along with party leader Jim Allister on Tuesday and now that the formalities are out of the way, it's down to the hard work.

Donald Crawford, a candidate in the Enniskillen ward said that now is a time for change in the Council as he hopes to claim a seat on May 2.

"There is no doubt. You only have to go around and ask people. The only time you will ever see your councillor, or most of them is at this time of the year or coming around to elections.

"A lot of them are career politicians. I'm not in it for that I'm in it to serve the people and make a change in my own community.

Mr. Crawford said he is looking forward to meeting the people of Enniskillen and hearing what they have to say as he hopes to be a voice that stands up for issues that affect everybody’s day to day life.

"I know there are a lot of issues out there with rates, domestics rates, people seem to think there is a great problem with them. Other issues such as health, we want to try and retain the services at SWAH. There are big issues there with the prospect of losing our stroke unit and with having a close family member in there who had a stroke it is vital we retain that. It’s a great service and very well thought after and we must do all in our power to maintain it."

Alex Elliott, who will be running in Erne North said one of the biggest issues for the TUV is the Council itself.

"The manner in which it is run, the spending, the waste within departments. Departments are blowing ratepayers money, wasting money and no one is looking to see where we can save money.

"If we cut waste, cut spending, we reduce rates."

Speaking at the Townhall, TUV leader Jim Allister said: "I am confident we have got good candidates which is the starting points. 

"Then it is up to the electorate in improving their lot in terms of representation and returning those who would take a strong stand in squandering waste in Council, a strong stand on Traditional Unionist principles and those who will not roll over to Sinn Féin. That’s where TUV comes into its own and that’s the calibre of candidates we have and the offering we are making to the electorate."