Past and present staff and students of St. Joseph's Primary School, Donagh enjoyed an evening of celebrations mark the school's 40th anniversary. Taking place on Saturday April 13, the evening began with Mass in St. Patrick's Church, Donagh at 6pm celebrated by Bishop Larry Duffy, The new Bishop of Clogher. The choir for the Mass was made up from current pupils from the school. A special candle was presented at the beginning of Mass to remember all the deceased past pupils, staff and governors from the school. A special icon of St. Joseph, which was commissioned for the celebration, was unveiled and blessed by Bishop Duffy at the end of Mass.

Following the Mass, all in attendance were invited back to the school to view old photographs and memorabilia contributed by past pupils and their families. Entertainment was provided on the evening by Mr. Pat McCabe, the school’s music tutor who was joined by a number of current and past pupils. Those attending had the opportunity to rekindle old friendships with former classmates while viewing the large selection of photos on display in the school. Tea and refreshments were provided by Mrs. Majella Clifford, the school cook.

Finally there was a social function, supper and draw held in The Clubhouse, Donagh. Here supper was provided by the Clubhouse staff, entertainment was provided by local artists and a special draw was held for the school.

The village of Donagh was developed in 1969 when 49 houses were built around the existing St. Josephs old School and St. Patrick’s Church.

The children from the surrounding area attended rural schools at Drumlone, Ballagh and at the old St. Joseph’s Donagh. With the increase in population the old school could no longer cope with the numbers so in 1975 a decision was taken to build the new school on the Roslea Road.

With the opening of St. Joseph’s new school, an amalgamation of the surrounding primary schools took place with the old St. Joseph’s closing as well as Ballagh and Drumlone forming the new St. Joseph’s Central Primary School.

St. Joseph’s new school opened its doors in November 1978 and the first staff were Principal Peter Morgan, Vice Principal Pat O’Neill, Eugene Guidera, Margaret Kelly, Lilly Mc Loughlin, Mary Mc Govern and Bernadette Mc Caffrey. 184 pupils were on the register on opening day.

Since 1978 the school has seen four Principals, Mr. Peter Morgan (deceased), Mrs. Margaret Kelly (deceased), Mr. Cormac Jordan and the newly appointed Mr. Michael Grew.

School secretary Mrs. Mary Ingram has been in post since the first day of its opening and had a previous four years in the old school. The current school cook, Majella Clifford has also worked at the school since its opening day in 1978.

St. Joseph's Primary School was officially Opened by Bishop Patrick Mulligan on June 29 1979.