The Fermanagh and Omagh Council elections has given the Council a number of new faces and this is no more evident than in Erne North where there were three new Councillors elected on Friday night.

The Erne North DEA was the last area on Friday to be announced and at the end of a long day the relief was clear on the Councillors’ faces.

DUP Press Officer Deborah Armstrong, who had her party leader Arlene Foster as election agent, was the final confirmation on Friday night as she took the place from her party colleague David Mahon.

There were mixed emotions for Armstrong about the election.

“David and I, we fought the campaign together, we were friends throughout, still remain friends and I appreciate the support from him.

“The thing for the DUP here is that we have been able to increase our vote by 64 per cent in Erne North which is a major, major achievement for the DUP.

“I want to deliver for the people of Erne North. That is what the DUP is all about it’s what I’m about, it’s what I fought my campaign on.

“I will use the next four years going forward to sort out the big and the small issues for everybody in Erne North, not for one particular town or community, but for all.”

Ulster Unionist candidate John McClaughry follows in his father’s footsteps in entering political life.

Collie McClaughry held a seat from 1979 until 2001 and was a former Chairman of Fermanagh District Council.

“With me having retired and my father having passed away the opportunity came up to run.

“When I discussed it with family I was quite apprehensive but the family were 100 per cent behind me,” explained McClaughry.

“I threw my hat in the ring at very short notice. It’s been marvellous I’ve met some wonderful people.

“I feel as though I am trying my best to help the people who got me here.”

In what was an emotional day for McClaughry he is hoping that along with the new faces in the Council will be able to freshen things up and bring new ideas that will benefit the people of Fermanagh.

The third new face in Erne North is Sinn Féin’s Siobhán Currie.

Just like the DUP it is a case of the seat changing owner but not party, with Currie replacing former vice-Chairman of the Council John Feely.

After a long day, the newly-elected Sinn Féin Councillor paid tribute to her running partner and vowed to continue on the good work Mr. Feely had done in the area.

“I have got big shoes to fill in a brilliant Councillor.

“I just want to thank the people who have come out and put the faith in us in Erne North.

“We are building and will continue to build and only way to do that is by delivering for the people.

“We are delighted with increasing the vote biggest party on votes in erne north that an historic day for Sinn Féin in Erne North and it just reinforces that people are coming out and voting for us and backing us.”

The new faces joined returning candidates, Diana Armstrong of the UUP and the SDLP’s John Coyle as the five Councillors in Erne North.

Councillor Armstrong, who was co-opted onto the Council when Rosemary Barton became a MLA, was delighted to top the poll.

“Delighted because I was co-opted in May 2016 and I think this underlines the strength of work I have being doing in local communities and I will continue to do that,” said Councillor Armstrong.

Councillor Coyle was also delighted to be chosen again to represent the people of the district.

“Like always it’s a great honour to represent the people of Erne North. I put them first, we always put our people first. I’m a hardworking Councillor helping people on the ground with the issues affecting them.