Fivemiletown native Alanna McCrory admits that she is “still buzzing” following her “surreal” experience of conducting a choir as they performed for Prince Charles during his visit to Brownlow House, Lurgan on his recent tour of Northern Ireland.

Alanna explained how the opportunity arose: “Brownlow House is famous for its history during the war and for being a current hub for Shared Education events. Due to our previous involvement in performing events in Brownlow House, the manager met with myself and Head of Music from St. Ronan’s along with the Shared Education coordinator and asked us if we would like to perform some joint items for a VIP.”

She continued: “At this initial stage, we had no idea who this VIP was.

“Of course we agreed, as these events are amazing experiences for our pupils.

Alanna noted that her pupils tried very hard to find out who the VIP was but she kept it “well under wraps, playing it down.”

Commenting that she is “still buzzing” after meeting the future King, Alanna added: “I was absolutely blown away by how lovely Prince Charles was.

“He took his time and shook hands and spoke to every member of our choir and to all the dancers - it was so special for the pupils.”

She continued: “He also spent some time chatting to me. We shook hands and his first words were to congratulate me on a ‘meticulous performance.’

“I asked him if he enjoyed it and he said it was ‘truly marvellous.’”

“I then jokingly said that I thought he could have joined in with the Scottish Dancing! He took a real laugh at that and said he had never heard of that jazzed up version before but congratulated me again on a marvellous programme of music that he enjoyed very much,” Alanna told this newspaper.