There was some drama in Fermanagh Magistrates Court on Monday as the partner of a man appearing on a number of charges hurled abuse at a police officer from the public gallery.

Martin Ward, of Villa Terrace, Ederney was in the dock to face charges of common assault, assault on police, threats to kill and resisting police.

A police officer under oath said they were able to connect Ward to the charges.

The officer was also objecting to bail believing there was a chance of reoffending.

The officer told the court that while on her way to work on August 3, 2019, she noticed a Nissan Juke pulled over with the hazard lights on at the side of the road.

She slowed down to see if anybody needed help and saw the alleged injured party, who was Ward’s partner, get out of the car. They were distressed and crying and saying that Ward had hit her and that he always hit her.

The 37-year-old defendant got out of the car saying he was going to kill the injured party while pointing his finger at her.

He also threatened to kill the officer who said that Ward said he had so much anger in him her felt like killing someone.

A member of the public came to assist the officer in restraining Ward and he was eventually arrested which the injured party said was going to make thing “twenty times worse”.

The officer told the court whenever she rang Ward’s partner to take a statement she was called a racist and was only doing this because they were travellers.

In objecting to the bail application, the officer said Ward had 40 previous convictions in the Republic of Ireland, two outstanding bench warrants for firearms offences and there was currently an outstanding assault on the injured party which is being dealt with in Belfast.

Steffan Rafferty, representing Ward, told the court that over the weekend the incident occurred, his client had consumed a large amount of alcohol and had a limited recollection of what happened.

He said Ward had gone through serious personal grief following the murder of his brother, the second brother to be murdered and it was quite clear he was dealing with this loss and grief.

Mr. Rafferty said his client went on a “bender” and this gave rise to the dispute. He said Ward’s partner was in the body of the court to give support and assistance but had not given a statement to police.

A bail address in Drumquin was given for Ward to reside at and District Judge Mark McGarrity granted bail for £500 but imposed the restrictions that he has no contact with the injured party, does not enter Ederney, refrains from alcohol and signs on twice a week at Omagh Police Station.

It was at this point that Ward’s partner called the police officer a “horrible bitch” before she was removed by court security.

Ward, who is due to appear again on September 2, apologised as he was leaving the dock.

However his partner returned to the court room after the case had been heard and asked the officer: “Why did you stand there and tell lies?” before again being removed from the court.